Monday, May 24, 2010

Tell the Sunday Roast we won't be Forgotten

Andrew Voss and the Sunday Roast panel need re-education that there are two teams in the Wests Tigers joint venture.

The Wests Tigers came under criticism by Channel 9's so called "footy experts" about wearing the Black and White striped jersey against Newcastle Knights last Friday night.

They had no idea why the side was wearing the jersey and it was referred to as either a Maitland Jail uniform or maybe a strip paying homage to Wentworthville!

Ray Warren on the Friday night coverage was also clueless and said they jerseys should have ORANGE players numbers. He then went on to say on Sydney radio on Saturday that it has been 10 years since the merger, that they should stop wearing these jerseys and that fans should move on.

The jersey the Wests Tigers wore was a homage back to the original jerseys Western Suburbs wore in their foundation years. The Balmain heritage jersey was worn the week before on the official heritage round, so it was only logical that this was a Wests heritage jersey. Unlike most other clubs, we have 2 proud histories worth honouring.

Once again the media is clueless about the fact that the Wests Tigers joint venture is between TWO clubs with a combined 202 years of heritage.

I encourage all Wests supporters send the Sunday Roast an email reminding them that the Western Suburbs Magpies wont be forgotten.

We are the Wests in the Wests Tigers!

Emails should be sent to:

2010 Wests Tigers Jersey Worn on Friday Night

Western Suburbs 1908 Jersey

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Phantommagpie said...

I sent the roast an email last Sunday and got a response from Vossy suggesting that the Wests Tigers only use two jerseys, one wests one balmain. He believes that the club is money hungry taking money from the fans for the jersey.

I actually went and purchased the Magpies Heritage jersey last night.