Friday, October 19, 2012

Magpies feature in a NEW Computer Game

TruBlue and Big Ant have worked together to ensure all your players are fully decked out.
The game features the entire NSW Cup teams and players, so yes.... you can play as the Magpies, at Campbelltown Stadium, in either home/away jerseys, this game is truly great!!!

Rugby League Live 2 Trailer Video

Here are the new features:

• A Multitude of Licensed Leagues & Teams: NRL, Super League, Cooperative Championships, NSW Cup & QLD cup, Toyota Cup, Rep teams, Australian, English and New Zealander Internationals.

• 34 high detail stadia from Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

• Dynamic Field Wear & Tear: Grass wears away in areas of action.

• Unique Mud & Sweat: Players accumulate mud on their bodies specifically where they hit the field. Players sweat based on their exertion level.

• Dynamic Tackling System: Fend and break tackle your way past multiple defenders.

• Tactical Passing: Perform defensive or attacking passes to best exploit your opponents.

• Strategic Defense: Set up to increase the likelihood of one, two or three-man, tackles!

• Spectacular High Ball Catching: Soar high to catch the ball or tap it to team mates.

• Create Custom Teams and Players in the fully featured Footy Factory and share them online.

• Competitive or co-operative multiplayer matches with up to eight players (four a side) online.

• Massive 10-Year Career Mode: sign sponsors, hire top flight coaching staff, negotiate player contracts and set player training programs & intensity to build the ultimate team.

• Experience System: Earn badges and experience both online and off to rise to the top of the leaderboards.

• Double-barreled expert commentary from Andrew Voss and Phil ‘Gus’ Gould.

 Rugby League Live 2 has the Magpies and Balmain in it!!!

Rugby League Live 2 is available from all good games shops now or online from

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Information Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

This information session is for the members.
The reason I’m presenting is that I put this power point together, based on input from various members of the board.

Where required I will refer to other directors for more detailed comments.
The objective is to provide as much information as possible to you members about the options available to the Magpie Board. It will show what was, what wasn’t considered, and why.

The Magpies board and its representatives have met several times with all parties with the intention to resolve this issue. It has not been easy.
Our focus is with West’s Magpies then West Tigers and West Ashfield. Comments may be made about other parties but it is not our place to speak on behalf of them.

Details of Parties

West’s Ashfield Leagues – 7 directors

Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Limited – 7
directors, 4 appointed by West Ashfield, 3 by the members.
Ashfield Appointees;
Chairman, Mick Liubinskas, Russel Smith, John Donnellan, Mike Bailey.
Members appointees; Paul Dillon, Bob Cairns and Dave Jago

Balmain Tigers

Western Suburbs League Club (Campbelltown) Ltd.

West Tigers, Joint Venture; Balmain 5 votes West Group 5 votes.

Wests group being; 1 Magpies Football Club, 1 West’s Campbelltown and 3 West’s Ashfield.

Facts v Emotion

Wests Ashfield Leagues Club (WAL)
• WAL contribute to West Tigers
• WAL contribute to the junior representative teams in the Macarthur district
• WAL are the major funder of the Magpies,

Over the life of the Magpies WAL has provided millions of dollars to the Magpies for football operations. (25 years in Campbelltown approx $25m). Without the support of Wests Ashfield leagues, the Magpies would not exist in its current form.

Wests Tigers

Wests Tigers support / sponsor the following areas of Rugby League
1. Sponsorship of juniors in the junior league
2. Sponsorship of juniors from St Greg’s
3. The Magpies board has outsourced the control of the Magpie Rep Juniors in the Macarthur
area, being Harold Mathews and SG Ball
4. Wests Tigers also support the cubs to development squads in the Macarthur region and
Balmain areas.
5. Close support / association with Kebra park

2011 and prior the Wests Tigers provided significant support and funding to the Magpies juniors and seniors.

Wests Magpies

Board structure is Four Directors appointed by WAL, Three appointed by the members.
Funding currently is primarily dependant on WAL
New sponsors were approached last year but for a number of reason did not come to fruition.
Game day attendances were disappointing, costs of game days exceeded any
income, ( except for the back to Lidcombe day). Crowd attendance directly impacts
prospective sponsors.
We have a board, and no other infrastructure. WAL paid for an Operations manager full time for six or so months (Daniel Watson Hayes). We have no other staff

We have a small and active group of volunteers ; being
John Harbon, Bluey Schafer, Dave McEwan, Val McEwan, Jeff Applitt, Charlie
Tuxford, Steve Reeves, Ed Topolski, Keith Toploski, Steve Hartis, Scott Morris, Keith
Hoare, Shaun Huthnance.

We again thanks these special people who provide extensive time and effort to the club. Without these people our club could not exist.


The following alternatives were discussed and were considered by the Magpies board.

1. West’s Magpies stand alone NSW Cup side

2. Joint Venture NSW Cup side – Wests Tigers

3. Have a year off , build and plan for the following year and future years.

4. Enter a Bundy Cup Team

Alternative 1

Stand alone Magpies NSW Cup side

The Magpies currently have minimal sponsors – apart from WAL Additional or new sponsors would be difficult to obtain in the current environment especially because of all the uncertainty.
We don’t have a Russel Crowe or Nathan Tinkler.
Money is hard to come by.
The ARL Commission has not provided us or considered stand alone NSW Cup sides to date, but there is talk of a restructured of all three grades.
WAL will continue to support the Magpies but have limited funding and they have many other business commitments.
Government regulations have impacted the availability of funds available.
WAL can’t the sustain the funding it currently does to the Magpies and the Wests Tigers.

Alternative 2

Joint Venture combined team called the West Tigers

A resolution was passed by the Magpies Board by a majority vote on xx/xx/2012 to pursue the
viability of this option.
8 none negotiable points were agreed up by the Magpies board if this alternative was to proceed;

Resolution Passed by a majority - WSDRLFC Ltd. supports recommendations of a single State Cup Team

M Liubinskas, Steve Lavers and Warren McDonnell formed a sub committee to provide and
gather information for the benefit of all parties

Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd (WSDRLFC Ltd.) supports the recommendations of the Joint Football Subcommittee;
the West’s Tigers enter a team in the State Cup Competition and thereafter which will be financially supported in part by WSDRLFC Ltd. subject to the following conditions;

1). Western Suburbs Magpies (WSM) recognised as the District Club of the Campbelltown Area
2). WSM will continue to participate (as the Magpies) in Junior Representatives, Harold Matthews and S.G. Ball and where appropriate other competitions
3). WSM retains all of its rights, including the ability to review the operation of a single State Cup (SC) team in future years.
4). West’s Tigers (WT) continues to work with WSM to ensure that appropriate pathways are met for the Junior Rugby League Players in the South West.
5). The 2013 combined SC playing strip would alternate between Balmain and West’s colours
6). West’s Juniors will continue IN PERPETUITY to be affiliated through WSDRLFC Ltd. as the pathway to WT
7). The name of the team is to be West’s Tigers, that is the joint venture name, and no other organisations or sponsors are to be recognised in the team name
8). An agreement regarding a single stream State Cup team must be in writing in an acceptable format with conditions listed as part of that agreement for a 12 month period

Alternatives 3.

Alternative 3. Have a year off , build and plan for the following year – this was dismissed and considered not feasible as re entry could not be guaranteed. The club would have to reapply for entry, and meet certain conditions.

Alternative 4.

Enter a Bundy Cup Team – this alternative has not been fully analysed, but could be an option in the future.

Emulation of a variation of the Newton model would allow this alternative to be considered feasible, but would take a year or two to set up. Funding is always an issue.

Wests Tigers Board


The following motion was put to the 30 August Board meeting of Wests Tigers:

“That the Board of Wests Tigers endorse the concept of a single stream NSW Cup side to play under the name of Wests Tigers from 2013.”

The discussion that followed concluded with the following amended motion being put to the 6 September Board meeting of Wests Tigers:

“That the Board of Wests Tigers endorse the concept of a single stream NSW Cup side to play under the name of Wests Tigers from 2013 and to be subject to the six recommendations of the Wests Tigers Football Sub-Committee being:

1. The single stream NSW Cup team be named Wests Tigers.
2. The team is to be managed by Wests Tigers including the contracting of all players, coaches and support staff.
3. Home venues are to be equally distributed between Campbelltown and Leichhardt.
4. The team will play in Wests Tigers heritage style jerseys, alternating between the Wests and the Balmain
versions so as to provide an equal distribution of jersey allocation.
5. The primary training base will be Concord Oval.
6. All costs are to be budgeted for and managed by Wests Tigers.

This motion was carried with unanimous support.

The Wests Tigers Board also acknowledged their “in principle” agreement with the following items:

1. Western Suburbs Magpies and Balmain Tigers to be recognized as the District Clubs in their
respective areas.

2. Western Suburbs Magpies and Balmain Tigers will continue to participate in their respective
names in Junior Representative competitions, including Harold Matthews and SG Ball and other
competitions where appropriate.

3. Western Suburbs Magpies and Balmain Tigers retain all of their respective rights, including the
ability to enter and support teams in any competition other than those of the NRL in future years.

4. Wests Tigers will continue to work with the District Clubs to ensure that appropriate pathways
are met for Junior Rugby League players in their respective areas.

5. Wests Tigers will continue to support the perpetual affiliation of Western Suburbs Magpies and
Balmain Tigers with their respective Junior Leagues.

Challenges for the Future

Keep in mind nothing is set in stone and changes will occur

Produce a Business Plan required year by year for 3 years. This is very difficult due to the ever changing environment.

A change in coach ( Tim Sheens) could have a significant effect.

ARL Commission (ARL C) has to recognise the importance of the Macarthur district, and the volume of juniors at risk in this area.

All parties and ARL C needs to have an overall strategy to deal with AFL and Soccer.

West’s Campbelltown Leagues Club should be more involved as a part of the Rugby League community

West’s Magpies to rebuild relations with Wests Tigers and take advantage of economies of scale available to West’s Tigers.

The Business Plan to address;

Set up a Wests Magpies tour for Junior players in Macarthur area? To NZ, Fiji, England or USA.

Reconnect with the Macarthur region as district club, and also with the juniors and senior Macarthur clubs.

Reconnect or connect with Group 6

Look to establish a senior team - WSDRLFC in Campbelltown thru 2013 ,for season 2014 eg a Bundy Cup side

Follow up the ARLC on competition structures and grades. We should have at least one senior Wests Magpies team

Part of connecting with the Macarthur area would entail renting a shop front or office in the region as our office or utilise the WT office at Leumeah

Provide a range of merchandise that will appeal to a wide audience, to keep our brand active throughout outlets such as West Campbelltown, West Ashfield and West’s Tigers and the internet.

If it goes ahead as it looks like , support the combined one West’s Tigers State Cup Team.

Continue to support our junior Rep games, and endeavour to have them play before senior games


The conclusion should be an appeal to talk it up - not down, and get behind making next year work.

West’s Ashfield can’t support two stand alone teams being the West Tigers NRL and The West’s Magpies NSW Cup.

West’s Ashfield continue to support the Magpies.
Board meetings are held at Ashfield
General meetings are held at Ashfield
Numerous high quality functions have and will be held at Ashfield

West’s Ashfield agree with the view that all aspects of our football should be centred around the Macarthur region

West’s Ashfield and the Magpies football club both agree a major priority is to somehow get West’s Campbelltown more involved, after all its their community

All options still remain, nothing is set in stone and changes will occur in the future.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Members Speech at the Information Meeting

Rugby League is about giving opportunities to people of all classes. It isn't elitist like some other codes. Rugby League has always been about judging players on character and talent, not wealth status.

Stephen Humpheries has made comments that players need dedication to make it in the NRL and we do not disagree with this.

However there is dedication, and there is reality.

We need to make sure the vast amounts of talent in the lower socioeconomic groups of the Macarthur district, OUR district, have as much access to the NRL as does those that can financially afford to travel to Concord 3 or 4 times a week for training.

Dedication is important, but working full time, putting food on the table, paying bills, rising fuel costs and even purchasing train tickets is another reality Wests Tigers would like us to disregard.

The Magpies Club has survived for over 104 years as the battlers club, a club for everyone, where anyone from any walk of life can feel welcomed. The Wests Tigers should cherish this history and our ability to be inclusive as the Magpies are one of the last living treasures in the game that goes back to day 1.

By agreeing to Wests Tigers proposal to remove the Western Suburbs Magpies from the NSW Cup, we will essential send our club down a road that will lead to its certain death.

We will have Life Members who will soon be life members of nothing.

We will have players who have spilt blood, sweat and tears for a club that soon wont exist

Life long volunteers and supporters efforts will have all been in vein.

We have been told the Magpies jersey will live on through the Wests Tigers NSW Cup team, they couldn't even keep the Magpie on the NRL teams shoulder.

We have been told the Campbelltown area is of great importance, yet the Wests Tigers don't train there, and only play a measly  4  NRL games there.

Do not believe the promises. They have a history of breaking them.

And don't be fooled that this is about saving the club $400,000. This is about control.

The Wests Tigers want the Magpies gone. They want me and you gone. They don't like us being the thorn in their side, reminding them that the Macarthur area deserves better, reminding them that the joint venture is not just a reincarnation of Balmain. Reminding them it is 50 / 50 joint venture made up of TWO foundation clubs.

Wests Tigers colours are not just Black and Gold. They are Black, WHITE and Gold.

I find it an insult on the local communities intelligence to say people don't know who the Magpies are. Players from the area know exactly who the Magpies are. They are their pathway to the NRL. Their pathway to the Wests Tigers.

Our 104 year old club deserves the respect it has earnt through the good years, and through the tough years.

The future of Wests Magpies and Wests Tigers is in the South West of Sydney. We need to integrate better into the community, into the local Rugby League grassroots of the Wests Junior League and Group 6 if we are ever going to survive long term. Taking everything to Concord goes completely against this.

The Western Suburbs Magpies therefor still has a very important part to play. They should be providing local junior and senior representative sides to an area crying out for recognition. Providing that Pathway to Success for the local players, coaches and trainers as they have been since 1987, no matter what their financial status is.

Just because Balmain can no longer pay its bills, does not mean the Magpies and the district it represents should suffer for it.

Finally I want everyone to remember the Western Suburbs Magpies is the members club. It is a democracy.

We agreed to the Joint Venture back in 1999 by a democratic vote. As part of that agreement with members, the board entered into the Joint Venture on condition that the Magpies retain their role as a fully functioning football club, with Magpie sides in the NSWRL competitions at  ALL  LEVELS  including the Reserve Grade, which is now known as the NSW Cup.

To go against that decision made by the members in 1999 it must be voted on at a correctly called General Meeting.

A group of members have produced the required signatures demanding that any decision to remove the Magpies from the NSW Cup must be voted on by members.

If the board does indeed decide to go ahead and kill-off the Magpies NSW Cup side, I urge that the board allows the rights of members be formally acknowledged as requested and that a proper Extraordinary General Meeting be called, and a vote taken on this very important matter.

If we members vote to continue in the NSW Cup, the ball is now in Wests Ashfields court for funding, and they have published in the media that they will ALWAYS fund the Magpies. We will then put those words to the test. But if we as a football club kill off the Magpies, then Wests Ashfield can simply wipe their hands of the issue claiming it was the football clubs decision.

So remember it is the members run this club, not the boards. Don't let them forget it.

Magpies Forever.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wests Magpies Reflective Stickers

Western Suburbs Magpies Reflective Stickers now available for $10!

ALL PROFITS will be going to next seasons Man of the Match Awards for Wests Magpies NSW Cup.
Should there be no Wests Magpies NSW Cup team, then it will go to the Pratten Park Magpies!

Show everyone out there that the Western Suburbs Magpies are still alive and you are proud to support them!

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Again, all profits will be going back to the Western Suburbs players.

Board meeting could spell end for Western Suburbs Magpies

ENDANGERED for longer than the giant panda, the mighty Western Suburbs Magpie will have its fate determined at a leagues club board meeting on Wednesday night.   
The Magpies will almost certainly disappear from senior rugby league if seven members of the Wests Ashfield board vote against a $400,000 funding proposal this week.

Despite going winless in the NSW Cup this year, the perennial battlers are still hopeful of fielding a side separate from the Wests Tigers joint venture.

However, club insiders have revealed they will need the ongoing support of Wests Ashfield, who have outlayed some $25 million over the past 25 years.

After a three-hour information session yesterday, Western Suburbs members voted overwhelmingly to continue in the NSW Cup next year, admitting they felt "alienated" from the Wests Tigers joint venture.
The Magpies went winless after Tigers NRL coach Tim Sheens ordered all his rostered players not in the top squad to represent Balmain Ryde-Eastwood, who lost to Newtown in the grand final.

Western Suburbs Magpies NSW Cup team train earlier this year. Picture: Mark Evans Source:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Vale Bill Keato

It is with great sadness that the WSDRLFC announce the passing of one of the true gentlemen of rugby league, Bill Keato.

Bill joined Western Suburbs from Liverpool and made his first grade debut in 1938 and stayed with Wests until his retirement after the 1950 grand final, his playing career only interrupted due to his war service during WW2. He was one of the games great fullbacks and goalkickers during his playing career.

He was a member of the Magpies 1948 premiership winning side that defeated Balmain in the grand final and also played in the 1950 grand final loss to Souths. Immediately after his retirement, he became Treasurer of the football club in 1951 and held that post until 1974 when he moved up to be the club's secretary for the rest of that year.

Bill played 120 first grade matches for Western Suburbs scoring 6 tries and kicking 379 goals for a tally of 776 points - a record for the Western Suburbs club. He was the club's leading pointscorer on 7 occasions - 1940, 1942, 1946 through to 1950. He was the NSWRL's leading pointscorer in 1949 (163 points) & 1950 (180 points). He is a life member of the WSDRLFC and was inducted into the Western Suburbs Hall of Fame in 2010.

Western Suburbs and indeed rugby league has lost one its most kindest, gentlest and wonderful souls. Bill will be sadly missed by all and all of our thoughts and prayers are extended to his family and friends.

The funeral for the late Bill Keato will be held at 12.00pm on Wednesday, 10th October  at Macquarie Park Cemetery & Crematorium – Delhi & Plessey Roads, North Ryde.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Then & Now..... how things have changed

Highlighting a few things to show how much has changed since the joint venture started in 2000.Its seems wests identity within the wests tigers brand is slowly diminishing almost deliberate in some cases, to the point the wests tigers dont want to co-exist with the magpie "brand" simply forge ahead under the "tigers" brand. The magpies are now looking at having its senior team culled for good in favour for a wests tigers branded team in nsw cup.How long will it be before the magpie jnr reps become a victim of " branding" ???  Many wests supporters have embraced the joint venture since its inception but  always had some comfort knowing they still had their team to support even if it was at nsw cup level . The wests tigers board now believe its time to  "move forward" and embrace the joint venture , but many believe wests tigers are simply an extension of Balmain , evident in that they arent fighting for recognition within the joint venture nor are they concerned that their club will be culled at nsw level also.Is it any wonder wests supporters have had enough.

Then: A predominately black or a predominately orange jumper reflecting both wests & balmains colours & identity

Now: The white belly jumper and the eye of the tiger jumpers have no true reflection on wests heritage

Then: Two senior feeder teams with double the depth and fringe players sent to Balmain & wests:

Now: Balmain now merged with ryde eastwood who are a 0% joint venture partner receive all of wests tigers fringe senior players , wests magpies receive none. This year we have seen a Balmain side laced with Magpie players make the nsw cup grand final, whilst the Magpies took a hiding to get the wooden spoon.The Magpies were given no financial, logistic or coaching support by the Wests Tigers and Balmain was , yet the magpies were referred to as the "other" feeder team for the wests tigers in a recent report by stephen humphreys ???

Then: Had an increased presence in the area & trained often in the macarthur area

Now: Since 2004 relocated operations to concord.A permanent move back to campbelltown doesnt seem feasible due to the money already invested at the concord facility and Developement Applications already in council to further improve their training base. The geographical divide wasnt an issue previously because the wests tigers had two feeder teams, now culling it to one and having football operations in the one place has caused real headaches for "pathways". So an increased presence in this area is not going to happen unless the wests tigers cut their losses at concord and build the "proposed" centre of excellence at campbelltown,(their words not ours) somehow i cant see that happening.

Then: Wests had a jersey flegg team.

Now: Due to competition restructure in 2008 lost another representative team from the area to be based at concord.

Then: Magpie was on the shoulder of the players sleeve and legible

Now: Smaller magpie on the cuff of the players sleeve and barely legible


Then: 6 games at Campbelltown stadium

Now: Campbelltown Stadium had its NRL games reduced from six games to three in 2005 when Wests Tigers claimed that the corporate facilities were inadequate and that it cost too much to hire extra lighting and a big screen television.
The ground has since then had over $8 million spent on it from Government grants to meet Wests Tigers requirements.

In 2012 Wests Tigers played just four NRL home games at Campbelltown Stadium whilst it played eight games in the inner city at Leichhardt Oval , and the Sydney Football Stadium.