Friday, June 29, 2012

Football Club Information Update RE: NSW Cup 2013

The Board Of the Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd. would like to provide
the Membership and supporters with an update in relation to the NSW Cup in 2013. The Board
agreed to come back to the Members with a decision regarding the future of the NSW Cup for next
season. The Board wishes to reiterate that no decision has been made.

Via an earlier PRESS RELEASE, the Board of the Western Suburbs District Rugby League
Football Club Ltd. has agreed to the recommendations put forward by the Joint Venture Football
Operations Subcommittee on the proposal of a single NSW State Cup team in 2013, subject to
certain conditions.

Further Discussions are now taking place between the Football Club and the Joint Venture Football
Operations Subcommittee. The Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd. Board
will inform the Members and supporters’ once further detail has been reviewed and information

Board & Management
Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd.

Round 12 Games - Group 6

Get down to your local ground and watch some quality Rugby League brought to you by Group 6.

Loseby Park, Bowral

11.30am 2nd Div Jamberoo V Robertson

1.00pm 2nd Div Bargo Bunnies V Bundanoon

2.30pm 2nd Div Bowral V Campbelltown Eagles

Jack Nash Reserve, Currans Hill

11.30am U/18-2's Warragamba V Moss Vale

1.00pm 2nd Div Warragamba V Macarthur Bulls

2.30pm 2nd Div Mt Annan-Currans Hill V Moss Vale

Narellan Sportsground, Narellan

11.30am U/18-1's Narellan V Campbelltown City Kangaroos

1.00pm Res Grade Narellan V Campbelltown City Kangaroos

2.30pm 1st Grade Narellan V Campbelltown City Kangaroos

Sid Sharpe Oval, Oakdale

11.30am U/18-1's The Oaks V Mittagong

1.00pm Res Grade Oakdale V Mittagong

2.30pm 1st Grade Oakdale V Mittagong

Kirkham Park, Elderslie

10.00am U/18-2's Mittagong V Thirlmere-Tahmoor

11.30am U/18-2's Campbelltown Eagles V Camden

1.00pm Res Grade Campbelltown Eagles V Thirlmere-Tahmoor

2.30pm 1st Grade Campbelltown Eagles V Thirlmere-Tahmoor

Victoria Park, Picton

11.30am U/18-1's Macarthur Bulls V Camden

1.00pm Res Grade Picton V Camden

2.30pm 1st Grade Picton V Camden


1st Grade - The Oaks

Reserve Grade - The Oaks

U/18-1's - Picton

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vale Andy Timbs

It is with regret that we must inform our members that former Wests Ashfield CEO Andy Timbs suddenly passed away on Monday the 25th June.

On behalf of the Magpies board of directors, members and supporters, we extend our condolences to his wife Elaine and his family at this sad time.

Magpies Constitution

Paragraph 8.

The objects of which the company are established are:

(b) to foster, encourage, promote and control the development playing and interests of Rugby League Football within the area of the boundaries of the Company as defined from time to time in the by-laws of the League;

(f) to establish, support, maintain , train, coach and field in Rugby League Football matches teams of Rugby League footballers and to promote the status of professional Rugby League Footballers, or to assist other parties to such ends;

Paragraph 24.

(a) Subject to the Act, the Company must give each member who is entitled to attend and to vote at a General meeting at least 21 days written notice specifying the place, date and time for the meeting. The Company's Auditor must also receive notice of the meeting.

(b) A notice of a General Meeting will specify the general nature of the meeting's business and, if applicable, will set out an intention to propose a special resolution and state that special resolution.

Paragraph 25.

(a) The Board may whenever it feels fit call a General Meeting.

(b) Not less than 5% of the members of the Company who have a right to vote at General Meetings, may request the Board to call a General Meeting, in which case the Act and the following sub paragraphs apply;

(i) the request must be in writing, state any resolutions to be proposed at the meeting, be signed by the members making the request and be deposited at the office.

(ii) separate copies of a document setting out the request may be used for signing by members if the wording of the request is identical in each copy.

(iii) if the board does not within 21 days from the date of deposit of the request duly proceed to call the meeting to be held not later than 2 months after the deposit, members with more than 50% of the votes of all the members who made the request may themselves call and arrange to hold the meeting.

(iv)any meeting called by the members must be called in the same manner or as nearly as possible as that in which meetings are called by the Board, and must be held not later than 3 months from the date of deposit of the request.

Paragraph 29

At any General Meeting, a poll on any resolution may be demanded by the Chairman of the meeting or by not less than 5 members who are entitled to vote on that resolution. In the event of equality of votes, the chairman will have a second vote in addition to a first vote.

Paragraph 77

This constitution may be amended only by special resolution passed by a three-quarters majority of the members present and entitled to vote at an Annual General meeting or General Meeting of the Company. In accordance with the Act, members must be given at least 21 days notice of any special resolution to amend this constitution.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rnd 11 - Group 6

Looking for some local footy this weekend? Why not head out to your local ground and enjoy some local footy with mates. The Group 6 competition is really hotting up and as the stakes have got higher, the quality of the football has gone through the roof.


Round 11 - 23rd & 24th June

Saturday - 23rd June

Dudley Chesham Oval, The Oaks

4.00pm U/18-1's The Oaks V Picton

5.30pm Res Grade The Oaks V Picton

7.00pm 1st Grade The Oaks V Picton

Sunday - 24th June

Mittagong Sportsground, Mittagong

10.00am U/18-2's Mittagong V Campbelltown Eagles

11.30am U/18-2's Mittagong V Narellan

1.00pm Res Grade Mittagong V Narellan

2.30pm 1st Grade Mittagong V Narellan

Thirlmere Sportsground, Thirlmere

10.00am U/18-2's Camden V Warragamba

11.30am U/18-1's Campbelltown City Kangaroos V Camden

1.00pm Res Grade Thirlmere-Tahmoor V Camden

2.30pm 1st Grade Thirlmere-Tahmoor V Camden

Waminda Oval, Campbelltown

11.30am 2nd Div Campbelltown Eagles V Jamberoo

1.00pm Res Grade Campbelltown Eagles V Oakdale

2.30pm 1st Grade Campbelltown Eagles V Oakdale

Community Oval, Moss Vale

11.30am U/18-2's Moss Vale V Thirlmere-Tahmoor

1.00pm 2nd Div Macarthur Bulls V Bowral

2.30pm 2nd Div Moss Vale V Robertson

Bundanoon Oval, Bundanoon

1.00pm 2nd Div Bargo Bunnies V Warragamba

2.30pm 2nd Div Bundanoon V Mt Annan-Currans Hill


1st Grade Campbelltown City Kangaroos

Res Grade Campbelltown City Kangaroos

U/18-1's Macarthur Bulls

Group 6 Dinners

Group 6 have some events coming up.

Mid-Season Dinner - Saturday 28th July

Players Dinner - Saturday 22nd September

Both Functions at Bargo Sports Club.

PRESS RELEASE - Continued Discussions

The Board of the Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd. has decided to support the recommendations of the Joint Venture Football Operations Sub-Committee from the ‘Information Meeting’ that was presented last Thursday evening (14th June 2012) at Concord by Wests Tigers, subject to conditions.

The Board will now continue discussions with the parties in relation to the recommendations put forward by the Joint Venture Football Operations

The Board will provide a further update to the Membership of the Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd. by June 30th 2012 as pledged back at the Football Club’s AGM earlier this year.

Board of Directors

Western Suburbs DRLFC Ltd.

Are the media confused ?

This blog is more about how the media portray or report on the wests tigers . It is often perceived that the wests tigers now are just Balmain rebadged or perhaps rebirthed whilst links to wests or its brand the magpies slowly being phased out. Im going to be pointing out by paraphrasing and linking content on here to show this isn’t just another magpie whinging for recognition, but as always asking for a fair go. The reporting of late was highlighted by the fact in a recent article in the Sunday telegraph when it was reported about wests tigers in the the hunt for Mitchell pearce. The opening paragraph read “ wests tigers have made secret enquiries about bringing nsw origin halfback Mitchell pearce to the club where his father is a legend”. Now which tigers is that ? Yes he was a legend as a player for Balmain, did he achieve legend status as a coach of wests tigers? , well thats debatable. Clearly we know its referencing Balmain yet it seems creative reporting like this refers to it as one in the same. You can see it creates confusion as the wests tigers is not Balmain nor is it wests yet constant media references clearly show a predominant & biased Balmain flavour within the JV.

We always see past Balmain players available doing media commitments & comments to promote games ,grudge matches etc yet rarely do former magpies players get asked for comments, maybe the occasional one from tom raudonikis or noel Kelly. Again we saw this recently with paul sironen & benny elias talking prior to the wests tigers v roosters game. It was small talk about reminiscing about playing at leichardt but mainly was about the game that day and incidentals. Maybe it was all to do with relevance considering the tigers were at their spiritual home, something which i'll touch on later. Another was when ellery hanley was interviewed it centralised around the time he had spent with Balmain and showed backround footage of him at the tigers yet none of wests which he also played. He would have been a great spokesmen to talk about playing at both clubs who ended up being joint venture partners yet it was more about Balmain yet again. He even thanked the wests tigers for giving him the opportunity to play in Australia, this left me even more confused.

One that bewilders me is why is leichardt oval the “ spiritual home of the tigers”? A media coined phrase that has stood the test of time. So did Balmain pass the baton to the joint venture club, therefore automatically becoming wests tigers spiritual home once Balmain finished up ?? Balmain lost their identity long ago when they were merged with ryde eastwood , yet the financially crippled club & influental board seems to have an identity within the " brand moreso than wests. The recent development proposal where the rozelle village on the site of the old derelict Balmain leagues club is being helped & aided along by a campaign “ bring the tigers back home”. People asking supporters to sign petitions about this developement at campbelltowns last home game said that the campaign was to bring the wests tigers back home, not Balmain......... interesting. Then we see on the other spectrum about the death of wests ( namely the magpies) all the time but balmain arent mentioned in the same light , see the links below,

The media whereby its been advised, or by choice , preference, arrogance , ignorance or other reasons are distancing the wests tigers from one of its joint venuture partners the wests magpies and aligning Balmain moreso to the brand in its reporting especially with historical references, passing comments etc. Is this a sign of things to come by what the media presents to the masses ? It seems benny elias must be on speed dial from media outlets quick to guage a comment from a former player linked somewhat to the JV,yet terry lamb,trevor cogger or paul langmack never seems to get a call.Im sure old staunch magpie supporters would like some equal exposure also.The joint venture is 50/50 yet it appears the wests tigers want to destroy part of the legacy that created it , maybe the western suburbs tigers has a better ring to it considering the club makes it obvious of its inner city alliances & its treatment of the macarthur supporters & rugby league community.

Wests Tigers holiday clinics coming to town!

There will be no better way to spend these school holidays than brushing up on your footy skills and attending an ARL Development Wests Tigers holiday clinic. Registrations close on Friday 29th of June and numbers are limited, so make sure you book early!

All clinics run from 10am-2pm and will be held at the below venues:
• Appin Park – Tuesday 3 July
• Leichhardt Oval – Thursday 5 July
• Liverpool Catholic Club – Friday 6 July
• Campbelltown Stadium – Monday 9 July
• Kirkham Park, Camden – Friday 13 July
Cost: $40
Lunch is provided and all participants will also receive a football and Wests Tigers cap.
Wests Tigers members have the opportunity to attend this day at the discounted rate of $35!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rnd 16 - Wests v Auckland - Match Review

A glorious winter’s afternoon in New Zealand saw the Auckland Vulcans triumph over the Western Suburbs Magpies by 30-12.

It was a case of things all too familiar for Wests, with Auckland racing to a 14-0 lead inside 15 minutes, with tries to Dylan Collier, Agnatius Passi and James Blackwell coming on the back of poor discipline from the Magpies.

Although the defence toughened up after the opening quarter hour, the Vulcans were too quick out on the left flank, with a sweeping backline spread allowing Rust Bristow to cross despite close attention.

Dylan collier missed yet again to leave the Vulcans up 18-0 with ten minutes to go until the break.

With the Vulcans and Magpies trading penalties, discipline became key, and it was Auckland who demonstrated better behaviour with ball in hand, resulting in Visesio Setefano crossing through some feeble Wests defence on half time.

Collier added the extras to leave the Vulcans cruising at the break by 24-0.

The Vulcans returned for the second half looking a shadow of not only last year’s runners up, but even their first half selves as the Magpies were gifted three penalties and three handling errors inside the opening ten minutes of the second half.

The brain-explosions of the Vulcans bore fruit for the boys from Campbelltown, with Latu Fifita showing a delightful right foot sidestep to crash over next to the posts with three Vulcans on his back.

Fifita converted his own try to bring the Magpies back to 24-6

The Magpies looked to be building some momentum as Auckland struggled to hold off the now buoyant Magpies.

However, things came unstuck for Wests. Dean Parata’s inside ball on halfway had the potential to send Nigel Millgate clear. However, Agnatius Passi stuck a lucky right hand out and poured water on the Magpies fire with a 25 metre burst.

With the Magpies defence having scrambled well on the edges, the same could not be said for the centre, and Vulcans second rower Murray Iti strolled over untouched under the posts.

Dylan Collier added the extras to restore the Vulcan’s 24 point buffer at 30-6.

Despite the set back, the Magpies clearly felt this was their time to demonstrate they would be ni pushovers and their line speed bustled the Vulcans into several errors.

It was almost a mirror image of what had been the story thus far this year, with the Magpies looking a little disjointed in attack and dropping plenty of possession, while the defence set about leaving some very deep bruises on several Vulcans, with Aaron Sweeney knocking Vulcans hooker Aaron Nootai into next month with an absolute bottler on the hour mark.

The Vulcans never stopped coming at the Magpies, and nearly got a neat kick behind Greg Davis. However, Davis not only showed enough speed to stop the ball, but then picked up the scraps and made a swerving 40 metre dash, beating no less than seven Vulcans players in the process.

For the first time since their gallant defeat at Cronulla, the Magpies could not be broken and it was Wests who finished off the afternoon’s scoring, with Henry Iuta on the end on a massive backline swing to the right flank.

Latu Fifita converted for 30-12, which was where the score remained until time, which came about, appropriately enough, through a double knock-on.

For Auckland, James Blackwell was classy from the back, while Sam Lousi and Agnatius Passi caused Wests all sorts of trouble.

For the Magpies, it was déjà vu all over again with Dean Parata leading the way, while impressive attacking efforts came from Henry Iuta and Seffa Silafu, while Aaron Sweeney and Tom Morrison muscled up in defence.

The performance left even Vulcans fans wondering what could have been had the opening 15 minutes been different.

Next week the Vulcans travel across the ditch to take on Manly at Brookvale, while the Magpies return to Australian soil with a trip down Appin Road to clash with the Illawarra Cutters, both matches kicking off at 3pm Saturday.

AUCKLAND 30 (Dylan Collier, Agnatius Passi, James Blackwell, Rusty Bristow, Murray Iti tries; Dylan Collier 3 from 6) def WESTERN SUBURBS 12 (Latu Fifita, Henry Iuta tries; Latu Fifita 2 from 2)

Half time: Auckland 24 Wests 0

Penalties: Wests 8 Auckland 7

14. James Blackwell
2. Dylan Collier
3. Rusty Bristow
16. Agnatius Passi
18. Ivan Penehe
6. Willie Stowers
5. Steve Waetford
17. Daniel Palavi
9. Aaron Nootai
10. Suaia Matagi
15. Arden McCarthy
12. Sam Lousi
11. Murray Iti

1. Leni Sulusi
4. SJ Bristow
13. Sebastine Ikahihifo
19. Visesio Setafano


1. Zoram Watene
2. Greg Davis
21. Tuki Jackson
24. Henry Iuta
5. Michael La Manna
9. Henry Godinet
7. Nigel Millgate
8. Aaron Sweeney
6. Dean Parata
10. Jay Maseuli
11. Seffa Silafua
12. Tom Morrison
13. Alan Daly

14. Chris Nay
16. Latu Fifita
17. Todd Makejev
18. Keanu Rogers

A big thank you to Keith Topolski for travelling to Auckland to do this review.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jason Williams NSW Cup Caretaker Coach


The Board of the Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd. would like to
announce that Former Western Suburbs player, NZ Kiwis International Jason Williams has
been appointed the role of caretaker Coach of the Football Club’s NSW Cup side for the
remainder of 2012. Jason has been in the Western Suburbs system for several years now, in
an assistant capacity in 2011 and has also been the Magpies S.G. Ball Coach in 2012.

In what has been somewhat of a demoralising year for the Magpies at NSW Cup level,
the Football Club has sought to move in a new direction and under the leadership and
management of Jason Williams, new training regimes; systems and structures will take
effect hoping to see results improve and some much needed pride restored in the famous
Black and White jersey.

The Board and Management of the Football Club would also thank outgoing Coach
Trevor Schodel for his hard work during his tenure at Western Suburbs. From everyone
associated within the Magpie family, we wish Trevor Schodel the best of luck with his future

Board & Management
Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd.

PRESS RELEASE – Joint Football Club Information Meeting

The Board of the Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd. will attend a
Joint Football Club and Leagues Club meeting along with all of the Joint Venture
stakeholders and partners of Wests Tigers this Thursday evening (14th June) .

It will be the first time in the Joint Venture’s history that all stakeholders will gather in the
one Board Room to hear a proposal being presented by Wests Tigers.

In recent days there has been misinformed speculation, rumour and innuendo which
suggest that this meeting will spell the demise of the Western Suburbs District Rugby
League Football Club Ltd. The Board wishes to ensure that this is not the case. Thursday is
purely an information meeting.

No decisions will take place about anything in regards to the future of the Western Suburbs
District Rugby League Football Club.

Board & Management
Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Newell Media photos of Magpies v Knights

Newell Media have covered the Magpies v Newcastle Knights match with a match review and some excellent photos. Check it out!

Face of Origin at Macarthur Tavern

Come along to the Macarthur Tavern this Thursday night for the girls Face Of Origin competition.

Check out

Merged NSW Cup side to be Discussed

For the first time in the joint venture's history, the entire Balmain and Magpies boards will gather at Concord this Thursday to hear the recommendations of a Wests Tigers sub-committee on a proposed merged Wests Tigers NSW Cup side for the 2012 season.

The future of the Magpies in the NSW Cup will NOT be decided at this meeting.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Match Report - Rnd 15 VB NSW Cup - Western Suburbs v Newcastle

A sunny winter's day greeted fans at Campbelltown Stadium for a double header clash featuring the Western Suburbs Magpies taking on a strong Newcastle Knights side featuring several NRL first graders in the main game whilst the Canterbury Bulldogs did battle against the Cronulla Sharks in the earlier game with the Bulldogs returning to red hot form with a 60-12 win.

For Wests fans, it was a case of deja vu as the Knights won comfortably 64-10 in front of a small but vocal crowd. Although the scoreboard suggests an easy victory, there were periods were Wests troubled the Knights and with a bit of luck, could have added a few more tries before halftime. For Newcastle, winger Josh Mantellato score two tries and kicked 10 goals from 11 attempts to finish the day with 28 points.

Newcastle's first try came at the seven minute mark on the back of a penalty when front rower Richie Fa'aso scored under the posts when he charged at the defence from just five metres out. The lanky Josh Mantellato added the extras for a 6-0 scoreline.

The next period of play saw both sides cough up possession in good attacking positions before NRL regular Wes Naiqama scored a soft try from a scrum win on Wests 20m line at the 15 minute mark. Receiving the pass from the scrum, Naiqama ran across field on an angle run but was able to push away defenders before planting the ball over the line out wide. Mantellato missed his only shot at goal for the afternoon with his conversion attempt and the Knights had a handy 10-0 lead.

The first 15 minutes saw some strong defence by Wests with Jay Maseuli, Tom Morrison and Dean Parata leading the way.
Wests then sprang to life with a try to Dean Parata at the 22nd minute mark which brought the crowd to its feet. The Knights coughed up the ball on Wests 40m line and the ball was picked up by interchange forward Latu Fifita. Standing in a tackle, he offloaded to Parata who stepped out of an attempted tackle and ran 40m to score besides the post. Haflback Nigel Millgate added the extras and it was 10-6.

Newcastle scored again at the 27 minute mark thanks to a last tackle bomb on Wests 20m line. A Knights player out jumped his Wests opponent with the ball then finding Albert Kelly with room to move before passing to Mantellato to score out wide. He then converted his own try for a 16-6 lead.

The Knights scored in the next set of six from the kickoff when Albert Kelly, who was best on the ground today, made a break through the Wests defence and found interchange forward Warren Schillings backing up to score under the posts. Mantellato added the extras and suddenly the scoreboard showed it was 22-6.

Newcastle then scored five minutes before halftime on the back of a penalty 10m out from the own line. From the next set of six tackles, a lack of discipline from a Wests marker who engaged with a bit of push and shove with the man playing the ball, saw the Knights take advantage of the situation with a huge hole opening up in the defence for Sam Anderson to score under the posts. Mantellato kicked true for a 28-6 scoreline which remained the half time score.

Although behind on the scoreboard, if Wests had cut out some errors and silly penalties, they could well have been going into the sheds only behind one or two tries if not on level terms.

The second half seemed to start positive for Wests when the Knights dropped the ball on the first tackle from the kick off however after winning the scrum on the 20m line, Wests dropped the ball themselves early in the tackle count. The Knights then won the scrum on their 20m line and Albert Kelly was able to drift across field to pick up Junior Sau who was a late inclusion for the team after recently being dropped from the Knights NRL side. Sau was then able to brush past some poor defence out wide for a 70m run to the try line. Mantellato added the extras and it was now 34-6 with just 3 minutes gone in the second half.
For the next 10 minutes, the Knights had the lion share of possesion but were not able to capitalise on their good fortune until the 52nd minute mark when Albert Kelly scored after stepping out from a tackle close to the Wests line. Mantellato converted for a 40-6 scoreline.

The Knights were in again at the 57th minute mark when Wests tried to push the pass on their 30m line only for the ball to fall to the ground and Warren Schillings was on the spot to toe it through with the ball sitting up nicely for him to pass to Sau who then offloaded to former NZ Warriors U20 centre, Siuatonga Likiliki to score. Mantellato was on target with the conversion for a 46-6 scoreline.

From the kickoff, Marvin Filipo made a break out wide down the Eastern Grandstand side. Brought down near the 20m line, quick hands and a neat cut out pass from Kelly saw Mantellato score. He converted his own try and it was now 52-6.

The next period of play saw a scrappy affair before the Knights scored at the 67 minute mark when replacement forward Rodney Mason score after an Albert Kelly kick stood up perfectly for Junior Sau who then offloaded to Mason. With the conversion, the score now read 58-6.

The next try to Newcastle came at the 73rd minute when haflback Adrian Davis ran to the line and beat a one on one tackle to score. With the conversion it was now 64-6.

Wests scored the last try of the game three minutes before time when Latu Fifita changed onto the ball on Newcastle's 20m line brushing past the would be tacklers and carrying defenders over the line with him. His attempted conversion of his own try from out wide hit the goal post for a final score of Newcastle 64 Wests 10.

For Wests, there were many positive signs despite the final scoreline. They were again well served by Dean Parata in defence and his play from dummy half continues to catch the eye. Front rowers Jay Maseuli and Aaron Sweeney were in the thick of it in both attack and defence whilst Tom Morrison continues to put his body on the line charging into the opposing forwards and always ripping into the defensive work.
Seffa Sifalua and Henry Iuta made some monster hits when out in the middle and Chris Nay continues to improve after only recently coming back from serious injury. Zoram Watene continues to be a safe option at fullback and in the short time he was out in the middle, interchange forward Alan Daly tackled himself to a standstill before injuring his shoulder. With the forwards making ground, halfback Nigel Millgate continues to improve each week and his experience will prove invalueble as the season progresses.

For the Knights, it was their NRL stars who stood up with Albert Kelly being a standout with his passing and kicking game, Junior Sau was always creating problems out wide with his size and speed and Richie Fa'aso Marvin Filipo, Warren Schillings and Ethan Cook among the best in the forwards. Josh Mantellato is a fine goal kicker who kicks in the Johnathan Thurston style in that he is able to curl the ball when it leaves his boot and would be one to watch in the future and Wes Naiqama showed what a quality player he is.

Western Suburbs travel across the Tasman next Saturday and take on the inconsistant Auckland Vulcans who will be desperate to get their season back on track.

Full time - Newcastle 64 (J Mantellato 2, R Fa'aso, W Naiqama, W Schillings, S Anderson, J Sau, A Kelly, S Likiliki, A Davis, R Mason tries: Mantellato 10 goals) Wests 10 (D Parata, L Fifita tries: Millgate 1 goal)
Half time - Newcastle 28 - Wests 6

Penalities - Newcastle 4 Wests 3

Scrums - Newcastle 6 - Wests 3

Goal kickers - J Mantellato 10/11, N Millgate 1/1, L Fifita 0/1

1 Zoram Watene
15 Daniel La Manna
3 Michael Lekkas
4 Keanu Rogers
5 Michael La Manna
6 Chris Nay
7 Nigel Millgate
8 Aaron Sweeney
9 Dean Parata
10 Jay Maseuli
11 Seffa Sifalua
12 Tom Morrison
13 Henry Iuta

16 Alan Daly
17 Mundarra Weldon
20 Zac Campbell
24 Latu Fifita

1 Wes Naiqama
2 Josh Mantellato
19 Junior Sau
24 Siutonga Likiliki
3 Michael Mate
6 Albert Kelly
7 Adrian Davis
25 Kyle O'Donnell
14 Mitch Williams
10 Richie Fa'aso
11 Ethan Cook
12 Marvin Filipo
13 Zane Tetevano

15 Sam Anderson
16 Warren Schillings
17 Shaun Boss
20 Rodney Mason

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ellery Hanley at Gala Dinner

Former England international and Western Suburbs player, Ellery Hanley will be a special guest at the Wests Tigers Gala Dinner at Curzon Hall, Marsfield, on Thursday, June 28.

Hanley is one of the greatest English players to ever pull on a boot and enjoyed stints with Balmain Tigers and Western Suburbs Magpies in the late 80s.

The dinner promises to be a spectacular event. Hanley will be joined by former Great Britain international Garry Schofield, who also played for Balmain Tigers and Western Suburbs Magpies, at the dinner.

A special tribute will also be held in honour of Wests Tigers international second-rower Gareth Ellis who returns home to England at the end of this season.

For people who book a table of 10 before Friday 8 June, the Club will also include 10 FREE reserved seats to their Round 18 blockbuster against the Bulldogs on Friday, July 6, at Allianz Stadium.

The dinner will feature the annual Tigers Hall of Fame presentation with a focus on the Great Britain players who played for the Tigers.

All players from the Wests Tigers NRL squad will be in attendance at the dinner.
Media personality Graeme Hughes will be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.
When: Thursday 28 June, 2012
Where: Curzon Hall, 53 Agincourt Road Marsfield, NSW, 2122
Dress: Cocktail/Lounge Suit
Tickets: $195 per person, $1750 table of 10 (plus GST)
Bookings: Chapin Ayres on (02) 8741 3316 or email

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wenty turns 100

The Western Suburbs Magpies would like to congratulate their feathered friends the Wentworthville Magpies on reaching 100 seasons of Rugby League. Well done!

The Wentworthville Magpies first fielded a side in 1913.

Double Header at Campbelltown this Saturday

There is more reason to get to Campbelltown Stadium this Saturday as we will be treated to a double header of quality NSW Cup footy.

First at 1pm we will see the Canterbury Bulldogs take on the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks, then at 3pm the return of Sweeny and Fifita will improve the Magpies firepower as they look to turn the tables on a dismal start of the year when they play the Newcastle Knights.

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Vs Cronulla Sharks
Campbelltown Sports Stadium, Saturday, June 9
Kick-off: 1.00pm
Referee: Michael Laverty

Summary: Two sides that will be desperate for the competition point’s square off here as the Dogs take on the Sharks out at Campbelltown. The Sharks were well below their best against the Cutters last week, and as a result suffered a 30-8 loss, while the Bulldogs recent slide down the competition ladder continued after they suffered a home defeat at the hands of the Mounties boys. A number of young and largely unheralded players are being offered an opportunity by Sharks Coach Tony Herman at present due to the fact that a number of their key personnel are unavailable due to either injury or NRL call ups at Cronulla and Melbourne respectively. The Dogs backline still looks to be a lesser line up than those they were fielding during the initial part of the season, however with the Dogs NRL squad having the Bye this weekend, there is some chance there may be a late change or two to this side. With this match now being moved to Campbelltown, it should be a great start to a wonderful double header out in western Sydney.

Talking Point: Put your hands up – With the NSW Residents side being selected in a few weeks time, the next few rounds loom as very important ones in relation to players pushing their claims. No doubt a number of players on display here will be in the minds of selectors, but one big performance may be just enough to stamp their ticket to Suncorp.

Prediction: The Bulldogs pack should be the difference in this one. Bulldogs by 10.

Western Suburbs Magpies Vs Newcastle Knights
Campbelltown Sports Stadium, Saturday, June 9
Kick-off: 3.00pm
Referee: Jon Stone

Summary: Western Suburbs have received a boost with the inclusions of Aaron Sweeney and Latu Fifita ahead of their clash with a weakened Newcastle outfit here at Campbelltown Sports Stadium. Sweeney and Fifita will add some much needed size to the Magpies pack which will do battle with a strong Knights pack including Richie Fa’aoso, Evarn Tuimavave, Zane Tetevano and Marvin Filipo. The Knights have lost Kevin Naiqama and Peter Mata’utia to the NRL squad while Wes Naiqama and Siuatonga Likiliki remain in the VB NSW Cup. It will be interesting to see the Knights side when their NRL squad returns to full health. At full strength, Mata’utia, Naiqama, Gagai and possibly Junior Sau could return to form the best backline in the VB NSW Cup. A scary thought heading into the back half of the season for opposition clubs.

Talking Point: 'spostarsi su Francesco Totti' – Many Australians will remember Francesco Totti’s penalty goal which sent Australia packing in the 2006 Soccer World Cup. Come 2013, Australians will remember another name, Josh Mantellato. Mantellato has a boot like Totti and his Newcastle side is reaping the benefits of it. ‘Spostarsi su Francesco Totti’ which is the Italian translation for ‘move over Francesco Totti’ should be a warning for all Rugby League fans to keep their eye on this Wyong junior leading into the World Cup next year.

Prediction: The Knights look vulnerable but should still return home with the points. Knights by 26.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gallop stands down from ARLC

The Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) today announced that the Board and Mr David Gallop had come to a mutual agreement that will see Mr Gallop stepping down from his role as CEO of the Commission, effective immediately.

ARL Commission Chairman, Mr John Grant, indicated that the Commission was put in place to bring a fresh approach to the way the game can be envisioned, structured and governed. It is the single controlling body and administrator of the game and the trustee for Rugby League in Australia. Its responsibility is equally to the future as the present.

“David understands the need for a fresh approach. Taking this into account and with the interests of the game at heart, the Board and David have reached an agreement that the game needs a different style of leadership detached from the past for the next stage of its development,” Mr Grant said.

He paid tribute to Mr Gallop’s leading role in navigating Rugby League through a decade of growth and change that culminated in the establishment of the Independent Commission earlier this year.

“This agreement should in no way detract from the job David has done over the last decade. He has proven his skills as an effective administrator despite having one of the toughest jobs in sports management and he can be justifiably proud of his achievements and the legacy he leaves,” Mr Grant said.

“His leadership and dedication through often challenging times has been a contributor to the commercial success of the NRL competition and the popularity Rugby League enjoys today.

“On behalf of the ARL Commission and the Rugby League community I thank him for the countless hours he has devoted to promoting and improving Rugby League in Australia,” Mr Grant said.

Mr Gallop said: “It’s been a privilege for me to lead the game over the last 10 years and see the game's resurgence. I love the game and wish it well. Given there’s never a good time to give effect to a decision such as this, the Commission and I have both determined it’s best for me to depart immediately. I would like to thank the clubs, the players, my staff and the fans of the game. It has been an exhilarating and challenging period, but no one can do this job forever.”

Mr Grant said: “David leaves with the broadcast negotiations under control following the appointment of Greenhill Caliburn as lead negotiator and the new whole-of-game strategic plan well advanced.

"The search for a new CEO will commence immediately and, in the interim, NRL General Manager of Strategy, Mr Shane Mattiske, who is leading the Executive’s role in the broadcast negotiations and development of the whole-of-game strategic plan, has agreed to lead the business.

“We have a very capable Senior Leadership Team that, with the support of the Board, will ensure there is continuity until a new CEO is appointed,” he said.

The ARL Commission was established in February this year as the single controlling body and administrator of Rugby League.

Comprising sporting and business leaders who act as trustees of the game, it is chaired by IT executive and former Kangaroo John Grant and comprises former advertising executive Ian Elliot, finance executive Peter Gregg, former Kangaroo and business coach Wayne Pearce OAM, former corporate executive Gary Pemberton AC, Indigenous educator Chris Sarra, and corporate executives Jeremy Sutcliffe and Catherine Harris AO PSM.

Its formation represented an historic convergence of Rugby League’s governance structures with the backing of all clubs and all leagues.

5/06/2012 2:04:05 PM

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rnd 14 Match Review - Wests v Manly

A change of coach brought little relief for Western Suburbs, who experienced a case of Deja Vu in going down for the second time this season to arch-enemy Manly by 46-8.

The departure of Trevor Schodel brought Magpies SG Ball coach Jason Williams into the hot seat, but it was a case of same old for the Magpies, with a dropped ball on the very first tackle of the match bringing the Sea Eagle’s first try in the first minute, with a left side spread seeing Trent Reilly dash over in the corner.

Liam Foran failed to add the extras, leaving Manly 4-0 up inside two minutes.

Wests had an opportunity to hit back almost immediately after the Eagles spilt the ball. The dropped ball saw a little push and shove, with Aaron Sweeney in the centre of the action.

A bomb from the Magpies saw Henry Godinet with a tricky opportunity, but his opposite number combined with the dour weather to see Godinet drop the ball over the line.

Godinet’s hands failed him again at the end of Manly’s next set, with a far worse outcome for the visitors, with Manly lock Nick Skinner on hand to take advantage of the spill to post Manly’s second try after five minutes.

Liam Foran fared much better from in front, leaving Manly 10-0 up inside seven minutes.

The errors stopped for all of three sets before Manly found themselves over the line once more, with Rhys Wollaghan this time on the end of another left hand raid.

Liam Foran added the extras for a 16-0 Manly lead after 11 minutes and another rout looked on the cards.

However, the scoring slowed considerably after the first three tries, with both sides failing to capitalise on opportunities from kicks.

Wests posted their first points of the afternoon after 21 minutes, with a penalty for a steal helping the Magpies into position.

A bomb from Nigel MIllgate brought airswings from all contestants with Henry Godinet on hand to make amends for his earlier error.

Millgate was unsuccessful with his conversion attempt, Manly up 16-4 after 24 minutes.

It only took Wests five minutes to go in again and in very similar fashion to their first try.

On this occasion, a Millgate bomb deflected off hands for Godinet to post his second try.

In difficult conditions, the conversion was again unsuccessful, leaving Manly in front 16-8 which is where the score stayed at half time, although both sides had chances to post further points.

The second half started just like the first, with the ball going to ground on the second play of the half.

The Magpies almost found themselves with their third try, however the ball proved elusive and Manly touched down for a dropout.

Manly made Wests pay for missing their chance on 45 minutes, with an inch perfect kick through from Gary Riccardi finding Tim Burrell following through to score.

Liam Foran hit the woodwork leaving Manly up 20-8.

Poor handling and discipline punctuated the next ten minutes, before Junior Palau tucked the ball under his arm and bounced out of two tackles to score under the posts.

Liam Foran made no mistake and the Sea Eagles were up 26-8 after 54 minutes.

A penalty to Manly for offside allowed some quality territorial gain and Tim Burrell stormed onto an exceptional short ball from Gary Riccardi for his second try of the afternoon.

Liam Foran was successful from close range with his conversion attempt for a 32-8 lead with a quarter of the game remaining.

Manly then provided a textbook example of high pressure football over the next ten minutes.

Unlucky not to find the line after being held up, Michael Chapman crossed after what could charitably be described as a flat pass from Gary Riccardi.

A wide kick from Foran failed to find the mark, with Manly cruising at 36-8.

Following up from a Magpies dropout, Trent Reilly posted his second try of the afternoon off a 3 on 2 overlap.

Taking over from Liam Foran, Michael Chapman hooked the conversion attempt for Manly to lead 40-8 with 11 minutes remaining.

Defence took a back seat in the final ten minutes, with both sides finding plenty of space.

However it was the Sea Eagles who finished off with the final four pointer of the day, with Ben Shorter finishing off a sweeping backline movement on the right flank.

Michael Chapman added the extras for a repeat scoreline from round one at Lidcombe Oval.

For Manly, Gary Riccardi played with spiders on him, while the two Liams - Foran and Higgins – providing an excellent spine.

For Western Suburbs, Tuki Jackson and Tom Morrison stood out with hooker Dean Parata again leading the way for the Magpies.

Next week, Manly are at home to the Illawarra Cutters while Western Suburbs welcome Newcastle to Campbelltown, both matches kicking off at 3pm Saturday.

MANLY 46 (Trent Reilly 2, Tim Burrell 2, Nick Skinner, Rhys Wollaghan, Junior Palau, Michael Chapman, Ben Shorter tries; Liam Foran 4 from 7, Michael Chapman 1 from 2) def Western Suburbs 8 (Henry Godinet 2 tries; Nigel Millgate 0 from 2)

Half time: Manly 16 Wests 8

Penalties: Wests 5 Manly 4


1. Domenic Nasso
2. Trent Reilly
3. Ben Shorter
4. Rhys Wollaghan
5. Michael Chapman
6. Liam Foran (c)
7. Gary Riccardi
8. Magnus Stromquist
9. Liam Higgins
10. Tim Robinson
11. Jason Annear
12. Tim Burrell
13. Nick Skinner

14. Ben Falcone
15. Jamie Anderson
17. Junior Palau
21. James Cunningham


1. Zoram Watene
13. Danie La Manna
21. Tuki Jackson
4. Michael Lekkas
5. Henry Godinet
9. Chris Nay
7. Nigel Millgate ©
8. Jay Maseuli
6. Dean Parata
22. Aaron Sweeney
11. Mundarra Weldon
12. Seffa Silafua
17. Tom Morrison

14. Keanu Rogers
15. Henry Iuta
16. Alan Daley
24. Latu Fifita