Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PRESS RELEASE – Joint Football Club Information Meeting

The Board of the Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd. will attend a
Joint Football Club and Leagues Club meeting along with all of the Joint Venture
stakeholders and partners of Wests Tigers this Thursday evening (14th June) .

It will be the first time in the Joint Venture’s history that all stakeholders will gather in the
one Board Room to hear a proposal being presented by Wests Tigers.

In recent days there has been misinformed speculation, rumour and innuendo which
suggest that this meeting will spell the demise of the Western Suburbs District Rugby
League Football Club Ltd. The Board wishes to ensure that this is not the case. Thursday is
purely an information meeting.

No decisions will take place about anything in regards to the future of the Western Suburbs
District Rugby League Football Club.

Board & Management
Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd.


Anonymous said...

You cant blame us magpie supporters for being sceptical. We have seen our club shift from Pratten Park, to Lidcombe Oval and then to Orana Park. We have been the worst treated Rugby League club in Australia. This is the final straw, if we have no senior side next year and beyond what is the purpose of the clubs existence. To the boards of Wests Ashfield, Wests Campbelltown and Wests Magpies Football Club, please put your differences aside for the time being and do everything in your power to keep the Western Suburbs Magpies alive!

steve said...

I totally agree with the previous remarks, as a wests magpies supporter and junior player also having been involved with the football in the past, It seems wests are being put to the sword, a joint venture is a joint venture if wests have to go then balmain should go too, create one side in the nsw cup either wests tigers or choose another name maybe the sydney trojan horses,
Wests should not be allowed to go the way of the bears or the steelers, western sydney is a big sporting market and a grass roots rugby league area the AFL would love nothing better then to see the demise of a great club like Western Suburbs to free up juniors for there GWS side, the league and the wests tigers dislocated joint venture should be duty bound to keep our heritage side alive,
WE are the boys from Western suburbs go the Magpies forever.