Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magpies Constitution

Paragraph 8.

The objects of which the company are established are:

(b) to foster, encourage, promote and control the development playing and interests of Rugby League Football within the area of the boundaries of the Company as defined from time to time in the by-laws of the League;

(f) to establish, support, maintain , train, coach and field in Rugby League Football matches teams of Rugby League footballers and to promote the status of professional Rugby League Footballers, or to assist other parties to such ends;

Paragraph 24.

(a) Subject to the Act, the Company must give each member who is entitled to attend and to vote at a General meeting at least 21 days written notice specifying the place, date and time for the meeting. The Company's Auditor must also receive notice of the meeting.

(b) A notice of a General Meeting will specify the general nature of the meeting's business and, if applicable, will set out an intention to propose a special resolution and state that special resolution.

Paragraph 25.

(a) The Board may whenever it feels fit call a General Meeting.

(b) Not less than 5% of the members of the Company who have a right to vote at General Meetings, may request the Board to call a General Meeting, in which case the Act and the following sub paragraphs apply;

(i) the request must be in writing, state any resolutions to be proposed at the meeting, be signed by the members making the request and be deposited at the office.

(ii) separate copies of a document setting out the request may be used for signing by members if the wording of the request is identical in each copy.

(iii) if the board does not within 21 days from the date of deposit of the request duly proceed to call the meeting to be held not later than 2 months after the deposit, members with more than 50% of the votes of all the members who made the request may themselves call and arrange to hold the meeting.

(iv)any meeting called by the members must be called in the same manner or as nearly as possible as that in which meetings are called by the Board, and must be held not later than 3 months from the date of deposit of the request.

Paragraph 29

At any General Meeting, a poll on any resolution may be demanded by the Chairman of the meeting or by not less than 5 members who are entitled to vote on that resolution. In the event of equality of votes, the chairman will have a second vote in addition to a first vote.

Paragraph 77

This constitution may be amended only by special resolution passed by a three-quarters majority of the members present and entitled to vote at an Annual General meeting or General Meeting of the Company. In accordance with the Act, members must be given at least 21 days notice of any special resolution to amend this constitution.

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