Sunday, June 10, 2012

Merged NSW Cup side to be Discussed

For the first time in the joint venture's history, the entire Balmain and Magpies boards will gather at Concord this Thursday to hear the recommendations of a Wests Tigers sub-committee on a proposed merged Wests Tigers NSW Cup side for the 2012 season.

The future of the Magpies in the NSW Cup will NOT be decided at this meeting.

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Anonymous said...

If we think Stephen "Im not different to my Dad" will be happy to walk away from this meeting not knowing he has full support for a joint venture Wests Tigers team then we are sorely mistaken. Read his quote in The Telegraph "the hour is ripe for a streamlined entity to be created". When our board leaves the gates of Camp Concord our fate will have been decided. Who got a chance to vote on the Wests Tigers taking control of our SG Ball and Harold Matthews squads? There was none, it was decided by our board after pressure from Wests Tigers and Wests Ashfield. Guys, we will not get a say in this, we will be TOLD that we are having a joint venture NSW Cup side, take it or take it, no option of leaving it.