Sunday, July 11, 2010

NSWRL Game Cast: Wests v Shellharbour

1st Minute: Underway here at Campbelltown Sports Stadium. The Dragons kick off and the Magpies will get first use of the ball. As noted in the team lists, the Magpies are boosted by the return of Nathan Waters while unfortunately for the Dragons Jake Marketo is out and has been replaced by Mark Mooney.
2nd Minute: TRY What a start for the Dragons. The end of the first set and Falcone sets up for a 40-20 but great pressure by Aaron Henry who charges it down, regathers and charges 35m to score beside the posts. Scott Jones converts and the Dragons will play from in front today. Dragons 6 Wests 0
6th Minute: Wests have recovered from that poor start and are starting to assert themselves in regards to field position. Good to see Nathan Waters back out there after missing for a number of weeks due to injury.
10th Minute: Wests dodge a bullet as a rampaging Junior Paulo drops it cold on the 4th tackle right in front of the Wests try line.
14th Minute: Some razzle dazzle by Wests on the last finishes with John Skandalis putting in a grubber and ALMOST getting to it in goal but Jeff Zwolsman cleans up for the Dragons and gets them out of trouble. Great work by Skando, turning back the clock!
18th Minute: Most of the play is at the Wests attacking end at the moment but Wests haven't really looked like scoring to be honest... I'm sure it will come eventually but they will need to respect the ball a bit more before that can happen.
20th Minute: A penalty to Shellharbour 35m out and surprisingly they turn down the two and kick for touch but then turn it over almost immediately. Think they would like to go back and take the shot now!
24th Minute: TRY Well the Magpies are on the board, it was scratchy but it counts. Sharkie was brought down just short of the line and the ball somehow spills out the back and Kurt Kara simply picks it up and falls over the line. Everyone thought Sharkie was tackled or had lost it but the man in the middle Phil Henderson points to the spot. Sharkie converts and we are locked up at 6-6
28th Minute: TRY Great work by Nathan Waters who puts a pearler of a ball on for Josh Davis who is far too strong for a couple of Dragons defenders. Sharkies conversion is good and Wests now lead 12-6
34th Minute: not a lot to report here at the moment. A lot of the game being played between the two twenties and a few errors also stifling the flow
Half Time I wont lie people, it hasn't been the best game of footy I have ever seen but it is still close so at least we are in for an interesting second half... Back soon with the second half action

Half Time (NSW Cup) Wests 12 lead Dragons 6

42nd Minute: back underway here and unfortunately a couple of errors to start the second half. Obviously the half time speeches about looking after the ball didn't do the trick. Shellharbour on the attack though and will look to square things up.
48th Minute: TRY Great work by Everingham as he jinks and jives and sets off on a twenty metre run and eventually flicks one out the back ALA Matty Gidley, and it hits Troy O'Sullivan on the chest who scores beside the posts. Sharkie converts and Wests now lead 18-6. Big job for the Dragons now. They must score next!
53rd Minute: Things starting to open up here as the Dragons are now being a bit more adventurous as they look to chase the game and the Magpies are replying in kind... Pritchard and Kepa look most likely for Wests and Lett as per usual is probably the Dragons best avenue to the try line.
56th Minute: TRY I am a genius! Great ball by Junior Paulo sets guess who on his way to the try line??? Michael Lett. Lett scores out wide (as predicted by NSWRL Media) and Scott Jones slots it and we have a ball game once again. Wests 18 Dragons 12
60th Minute: The Dragons looked to have scored in the corner after Kepa lost the ball near his own line and a Dragons player dived on it claiming the TRY but it was ruled that the Dragons player stripped it one on one but propelled it forward in the process.. Close call for Wests
64th Minute: The Dragons are really finishing strongly here and they are being aided by some helpful penalties. Can they bring on a grandstand finish?
66th Minute: TRY WOW, big finish coming here as Michael Lett grabs a double with a simple run one off the ruck. Scott Jones adds the extras and we are locked up at 18-18 with a little over ten remaining. Will Shellharbour finally break the duck??
70th Minute: TRY Wests answer straight back as Alex Ranieri looked to be held up over the line as four defenders had him a foot off the ground but at the least second after what seemed like an eternity he rolls his body weight and collapses to the ground. The ref points to the spot. Unfortunately Gus Aiga hits the post with a fairly simple conversion so the lead is only 4 not 6! Wests 22 Dragons 18
75th Minute: TRY Great work by Falcone who has been brilliant in the last few minutes. He makes a line break and almost scores but on the next tackle the Dragons defence is at sixes and sevens, Waters sends it wide to Everingham who steps inside and scores what should be the sealer. Aiga kicks a harder conversion than the one he missed and it's 28-18
Full Time TRY as the siren sounds Gussy Aiga does his best Dancing With the Stars impression as he sprints down the touchline and scores. He converts his own try and at full time it is Wests 34 Dragons 18
What was not the best of first forties was well and truly made up for by a highly entertaining second half. Falcone was great in the second and was helped by the likes of Everingham, Pearn and Skando who were all really good when the game was in the balance.

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