Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Group 6 V's Group 11

The Group 6 rep team will travel to west Wyalong this weekend to take on group 11 in the crl tier2 country championships. With the demise of divisional championships it will be group and region based rep competition this year. Group 6 in recent times have had a poor showing in rep games and it was mainly due to not fielding the best squad possible. Previous teams picked over the years was never indicative of the strength ,as a whole of the group ,as many top flight players made themselves unavailable. The Group have taken a harder stance this years and it has not going down to well at some clubs. The group believed if you can train and play with your club then you should be able to for the group.

This year has seen the strongest group 6 squad picked in recent times with a fair bit of bundy,nsw cup and nrl experience in the team. Current group 6 ist grade Leaders ,East Campbelltown have 6 representatives in the squad. On the flipside Group 11 have some experience with 2 time crl player of the year Darren Jackson coaching the side plus they have some Fiji and PNG representatives and former souths halfback joe Williams.

At the time of writing the final group 6 squad of 18 has yet to be finalised from the initial squad of 25 named some weeks ago. The game kicks of at the unusual time of 9am this saturday 28th at west wyalong.

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