Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Meetings of the Board of Wests Ashfield Leagues Club and the new Board of Western Suburbs Football Club have breathed new life into the Magpies to ensure the team will compete in the 2012 State Cup and provide a springboard for junior players to aim for the highest levels of Rugby League.

The Board of Wests Ashfield last week agreed to restore funding to the Magpies, and that further funds would be available in future years, subject to the outcome of governance matters relating to the football club.

These were resolved at the Magpies meeting on Tuesday January 24 with the election of former player Mick Liubinskas as Chairman.
The new administration is committed to developing a plan to ensure the Magpies will continue to look after their district at all levels.

Wests Ashfield Leagues Club will remain the primary source of funding for the Magpies, but the level of funds provided as always will depend on future developments relating to the club industry which is under considerable pressure from various outside forces.

Talks will continue between the Leagues Club, the Magpies and Wests Tigers regarding the possibility of uniting the State Cup teams of foundation clubs Wests and Balmain beyond 2012.

Discussions will be expanded to include Wests Campbelltown Leagues and the wider Wests community and will consider the views of all.

No decision on the likely operations of any of the shareholders in Wests Tigers has yet been made, but the Magpies have taken the lead in being prepared to discuss the future and want to listen to the concerns of their members.

The new Magpies Board believes that a strengthened link with Wests Tigers will satisfy Sydney’s growing south-western region’s appetite to compete in Rugby League at all levels and any new opportunities that might emerge, while providing football with connections proudly dating back to the launch of the game in 1908.

The Board will continue to support and promote the unequalled treasure house of history and tradition that has enabled Wests to survive various carve-ups and relocations to become an important contributor to success in the NRL through The Magpies and Wests Tigers.

Under the Chairmanship of Mick Liubinskas, the Magpies will keep warbling throughout their second century. 

Media Contact: Mick Liubinskas 0424 580 215

News Release 24 January 2012


Rogers the Rat said...

Mick is good mates with Pigshead,that says it all for the future of the Magpies and the Campbelltown clubs who want to train on thier own grounds.

Mark Dunn said...

Your bang on mate" liubinskarse is in bed with the man with the head of a pig who could nt pick his own nose never mind the local talent leaving the area to other NRL clubs.

Dave Green said...

This SOS rally should also include the removal of the most incompetant recruitment manager in the history of the game,whos cancer like actions has caused this downfall of the Magpies club.Shame on the Pigshead!