Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Video: Arthur Summons

The Magpies will always have a special place in the iconography of Rugby League thanks to Arthur Summons. The famous image of 'The Gladiators' capturing opposing Captains Norm Provan and Summons in an embrace at the end of the 1963 Grand Final has come to define the spirit of the game and continues to this day to be venerated as a symbol of all that's great about Rugby League through it's use on the NRL Premiership Trophy. After switching to League from Union Summons proved himself to be a very fine half or 5/8 in the club and test arenas and his ability was rewarded by being named the Captain Coach of the great 1963 Kangaroo touring side.

Here is the NRL's Centenary of Rugby League video tribute to Magpie and Kangaroos legend, Arthur Summons.

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