Thursday, May 22, 2014

Arthur Summons drops in on Boys in Blue

The NSW Police Rugby League held its annual City Vs Country match in Wagga Wagga on Wednesday 21st May 2014,
From this game, a NSW team is selected to play against Queensland Police.
This year's game is to be played before State of Origin 3 in Brisbane.

The City team is selected from Officers Playing in the Metropolitan Police Competitions which has 7 teams competing in it.
The Country team was selected from officers who played in the annual Country championships. 

On Tuesday 21.5.2014, Arthur Summons came to the City training session and addressed the players and gave a wonderful insight into his Playing career and the challenges that current players face. 
He spoke about the famous photograph John O'Grady took of himself and Norm Proven after the 1963 Grand Final.
The match was held the following day and Captain of the City Team was former Wests Player Robbie Mears. City won 40-14. 

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A great , great Wests Magpies man