Friday, September 26, 2014

Western Suburbs Board Statement: General Manager's Position

The Western Suburbs Magpies Board would like to announce that Leo Epifania has been appointed the General Manager Football Operations effective as of Tuesday 30th September.

Leo will be General Manager Football Operations for the Western Suburbs Magpies for season 2015 and beyond.

Wests would like to thank all the applicants who provided a very high standard in their presentations.

Western Suburbs DRLFC is moving into a new era with four major teams competing in NSWRL competitions.

The board believes that Leo has the grounding and background to make these teams competitive and effective going forward.

Western Suburbs would like to thank Mr Steve Reeves and Mr Bob Cairns for their unwavering work over the last season in all things football.

It will be a great loss that these two gentlemen are relinquishing their roles and moving on to new beginnings, and we wish them well.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Mick Liubinskas


Anonymous said...

Why was this position advertised? Why didn't the Wests Magpie Board just say "Hey Leo, we have a job for you"? This would have saved the other applicants the trouble of wasting their time. Call me cynical, but I think they call this nepotism.
Central West Magpie.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Leo already on the Board? Or is he on the Wests Ashfield Board?

Anonymous said...

Leo was on the Magpies board but will step down now he has been appointed GM.