Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Year Off For Some Of Our Great Magpies Of 2014

While we continue our march towards an enormous 2015 season with teams in four of the five NSWRL run competitions, we also bid farewell to a handful of players who will use 2015 as a year to recuperate, reacquaint with family and focus on their non football employment.

On behalf of the entire Magpie family, we thank Mason Talolua, Jerome Mose, Jarrad Szcudlo and Shawn Craig for their efforts in 2014 and we wish them well in their sabbatical season and (hopefully!!!) look forward to having the quadrella back on deck for season 2016!

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Anonymous said...

Im looking forward to next year with great enthusiasm
4 out of 5 teams in NSW run comps...5 out 5 sounds good, when??????