Monday, September 12, 2011


On the eve of tonight’s qualifying final, injured Wests Tigers injured second rower Simon Dwyer has penned an open letter to supporters.

Dwyer is waiting on surgery to his injured right arm and remains unsure whether the operation will take place in Australia or overseas.

Here is Simon’s letter.
“Whilst the medical opinions I have received are not very encouraging, I’m remaining very positive. I have undergone acupuncture and am still researching all of the doctors all over the world. If it is better for me to have surgery overseas, wherever that may be, we will go there. If not, then I will have the surgery here. Wests Tigers Club Doctor Donald Kuah has been a tremendous help in speaking to specialists who have experience with this kind of injury. All of the medical people I have seen have been very good.

“My team-mates, the coaching staff, and the management at Wests Tigers have been great. Every time I go to training, they want to know what is happening and what the best course of action is. The players have offered to do whatever they can to assist me. Plenty of the boys ring me during the week just to see how I am going. I never really knew how close they were to me until this actually happened. I didn’t know what extent they would go to help me. I feel that all the adversity the club has gone through this year has made the boys tighter as a group. Everyone wants to help each other out. Head Coach Tim Sheens has also been tremendous. He constantly rings me and offers his support. I can’t thank him enough.

“I must admit it was a bit of shock as to how many people actually cared what had happened to me. Every Wests Tigers game I have been too, plenty of fans come up and ask how I’m going. I can’t thank them enough for their support. It has been a real eye opener.

“I’ve started to practise writing with my left hand but the more I practice, the worse I get (laughing). I will just have to keep on trying. Like you all, I will be cheering the boys on very loudly. I know they can do it. I just would like to thank everyone again for their well wishes.”

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