Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chairman: Wests Tigers NSW Cup team is an Option

NEW Magpies chairman Mick Liubinskas said the Wests Tigers fielding a combined team in the NSW Cup next year was a “possibility”, but there were still key issues to work through.

The former Balmain and Wests player was elected Western Suburbs Magpies football club chairman last week as part of a new-look board.

The Concord resident said the Wests side of the NRL joint-venture needed to work together.

The Wests side of the club is made up of Wests Ashfield Leagues, Wests Campbelltown Leagues and the Magpies football club.

Wests Ashfield Leagues gave in-principle support recently to Balmain and Wests fielding a combined team in next year’s second tier NSW Cup under the Wests Tigers banner.

Liubinskas supports a combined team, which would alternate between Balmain and Magpies colours.

Balmain are yet to make a decision on the combined team.

“It’s a possibility, but nothing is set in concrete. I see a lot of credit in it though,” Liubinskas said.

“Wests and Balmain haven’t won a comp in the NSW Cup for a while now and if you look at St George Illawarra they are moving forward with a combined team this year.”

But Liubinskas said it was vital the different Wests stakeholders worked together to ensure the success of the Wests Tigers and the future of the Magpies.



Anonymous said...

Traitor your so called position on WSDRLC board will be chalenged

Stuart Gillian Member WSDRLFC

Anonymous said...

I did not vote for this chairman, nor did any of my fellow WSDRLFC members as far as I am aware. How then can he be making decisions in the best interest of the club and its membership? And how does combining the two NSW cup sides ensure any future for the magpies?
Citing StGeorge as a successful model in NSW cup is interesting. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but StGeorges feeder club in NSW cup is the Illawarra steelers now is it not? Following thier success should, at the very least, mean keeping the magpie brand at the reserve level if any such change from the original joint venture agreement is made, as StGeorge have done to try and resurect what is widely perceived as being a complete take over of their NRL partner club.
I am wondering if the membership will have a chance to voice their concerns and have an active involvement in the future of our once great club, or has it already been disbanded?

WSDRLFC member

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mick Liubinskas is a half tiger dog and has backstabed us as have MIke Bailey Slimy Smith and the other grub who isnt even important enough to remember Go on then John Donnellan
Balmain WT Stooges
we will drag you down if you do this

Stuart gillian

Anonymous said...

how do we get a chairman who i dont think was even a member a wests ashfeild man to take us down from the inside.
craig woodley

Anonymous said...

now we know why wests ashfield want to take control of the membership.

Anonymous said...

You people need a reality check. Your way, you get all of nothing. This way, there is the possibility of Ther Magpies surviving (as part of the feeder system to Wests Tigers).

Lifelong Magpie

Anonymous said...

Big comment from supposed Lifelong Magpie but not big enough to give your name Mr Anonymous.Liubinskas is just a puppet to Stephen Humphreys and his muppets that are now Wests Ashfield.

James Williams.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shaun. I have been a long time member of the WSDRLFC and I was never given an opportunity to vote in these new members to the board. I believe both Wests Ashfield and Campbelltown Leagues Clubs first priority is to fund the magpies Senior and Junior teams and then if they have any money left, support the Wests Tigers. If it werent for the Magpies in the first place, there would have been no Ashfield or Campbelltown Leagues Club. Mick, you cost the magpies competition points when you played as an illegal substitute, I hope that's all you will be remembered for costing the club! A very angry Wests Magpies supporter who wont be supporting anything these so called Wests men will be proposing. I dont trust them!