Tuesday, March 11, 2014

OAMPS Cup - Match Review

Wenty defeated Western suburbs 36 – 14

1st Quarter: Wests struggle to get out of their own half in the early minutes before a good break by by Junior Vai Vai takes the play up the other end of the field, from the ensuing tackle Wests tried to spread the ball only to see it lost . After a penalty Wests capitalise and Junior Vai Vai scores in the corner in the 11 th minute. Wenty score in the 16th min after a neat short ball to their front rower from their halfback. Wenty score again through their halfback in the 18th min Wenty 10-4

2nd Quarter : 21st min penalty to Wests and then score soon after through David Ataua at close range, Wenty 10-8 conversion missed. 26th min the ball touch in goal now the pressure should be applied by Wests but the pressure is released when the ball is dropped soon after the drop out . Wenty’s winger scores in the corner soon after Wenty 14-8 . Wests through Junior Vai Vai scores in in the 35th min from a cross field bomb Junior converts his own try. Wests and Wenty 14 a piece.

3rd Quarter: 59th min Wenty score , try converted to bring the scoreline to Wenty 20 Wests 14 .

4th Quarter: Wenty score againin the 68th minute through their hooker who bobbed and weaved his way through a number of Wests defenders , his try was converted to make the score Wenty 32 – Wests 14. After a penalty to Wenty in the 73rd minute they score again, the try is not converted FINAL score WENTY 36 – WESTS 14.

Wests played well in patches but have a number of things to work on prior to the first game

Penalties Wests 9 Wenty 5

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