Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Player in Focus: Soni Paasi

In the second instalment of our 2014 RMC player profiles, we catch up with the hero of last year's qualifying final, Soni Paasi.

Position: Prop

Height: 180cm

Weight: 124kg

DOB: 22 November 1992

Which NRL team did you follow as a kid? Vodafone Warriors (Who said marketing doesn't pay off?)

Your junior club? Ponsonby Ponies

What's your earliest football memory? I was awarded player of the year in under 11s

What advice would you give young footballers? Just enjoy yourself

Sport you'd play if not playing rugby league? Soccer, preferably for Tottenham Hotspur

What is the best advice you've ever received? Train insane or remain the same!

What was your first job? Doing anything and everything at McDonalds

Which three people would you invite to dinner? My missus, my parents and my daughter

What's your greatest fear? Asking questions!

What's the worst thing on your ipod? My old school 80s music

What's your most embarrassing moment? I was riding behind my dad on his motorcycle and we came across a red light at an intersection. I started fooling around, not paying attention, and that meant not holding on tight enough. As soon as the light turned green, dad accelerated and I fell of the back!

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