Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Coach In Focus: Leo Epifania

Club stalwarts are few and far between in the modern age of contracts and mid season transfers. However, at Wests, there are but three certainties in life: death, taxes and Leo Epifania. We caught up with the Magpie's Ron Massey Cup coach this week while the boys have the weekend off.

What role do you have at Wests?  Head Coach (And plenty of other stuff I can guarantee you!)

How did you arrive at Wests as coach?  After a coaching stint in the UK , I took on the Jersey Flegg team in 2005 and came through the ranks

Who did you play for when you were younger and what position? I played AFL until I was 17, then moved to the Enfield Federals when they were in the Wests Junior RL, before going on to Wests Magpies in first grade, where I started as a lock before moving to fullback. 

What is your earliest football memory? My earliest memory is playing AFL under 8's and peeing behind the goalposts during a match (Don McKinnon was stealing moves!!) and my best memory is my first grade debut at Lidcombe Oval v Manly 

What is your occupation? Coach!

What would you be doing if not working at Wests? Working with another club

What is the best advice you have received? Trust your gut

What advice would you give to young players? Don't take anything for granted

What was your first job? Elevator technician

Which three people would you invite to dinner and why? Angelina Jole / Jennifer Lopez / Delta Goodrem (We're censoring the reason...)

What is your greatest fear? To be fearful

What is your most embarrassing moment? I can't recall any (He's tough our Leo!)

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Graeme said...

Boy we owe a lot to Leo for everything he has done for the Magpies. Surely an NRL gig for him isn't too far away.