Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rnd 17 - Ron Massey Cup - Match Review

Wentworthville secured a much needed two points with a gutsy 34-24 victory over Western Suburbs last weekend at Ringrose Park.

Wests struck first after four minutes, a Jack Madden bomb batted back by Shawn Craig into the hands of Nu Akeripa, whose miraculous flick pass landed on the chest of the man who started it all with the kick. Dayne Craig split the uprights perfectly for a 6-0 lead for the visitors.

It took just shy of ten minutes for Wests to strike again, another Jack Madden bomb finding success, this time to the left, as the ball spilt free, Jerome Mose handing off to Rusty Bristow. Craig had no problems with the touchline conversion, with Wests leading 12-0 after 14 minutes.

Wenty found their voice to respond at the quarter mark, Saia Tanginoa the beneficiary of a series of decoys and angled runs. Brendan Waters shanked the kick, leaving Wentworthville eight points adrift.

Wentworthville took advantage of a penalty to score again seven minutes later, Nicholas Walker going over after a series of decoy runners scrambled the Wests defence. Waters missed left again, leaving the score at 12-8 Wests.

Wentworthville continued to build momentum, but a poor pass off a half break gave Wests a chance to set up, Luke Williams selling the dummy of all dummies to touch down after Wenty’s markers split on the goal line. With Dayne Craig taking a breather, Jack Madden hooked the coversion, Wests taking their 16-8 lead to the interval.

Wenty finally gave up a penalty in general play, and Wests took full toll, Nu Akeripa passing around the corner for Shawn Craig to touch down after a strong set. Vieru Mapesone struck the upright and, with just six minutes elapsed in the second stanza, Wests led 20-8.

Wenty were desperate to stay in touch and, after a fortunate penalty, they struck back, a face ball allowing Josiah Tomasi to muscle his way over the line. A change of kicker brought no better fortune for the home side, as Matthew Mundine pulled the conversion wide, Wenty again adrift by eight after 53 minutes.

Wentworthville struck again shortly after with a Mundine bomb finding free space, Mitchell Stanfield cleaning up and offloaded for Ben Fritz, who touched down in the corner despite Wests protests over what looked to be a clear shepherd from the old school textbook. Mundine nailed the conversion, Wests clinging to a 20-18 lead heading into the final 20 minutes.

Wests were unable to halt the home side’s momentum on this occasion, and off a Wests error, Brendan Waters danced his way to the line before showing great strength to find the line. Mundine converted from alongside the posts and Wenty finally found the lead, 24-20, with 17 minutes remaining.

Wests were incensed by a knock-on call from a Wenty bomb, and the home side made the most of their set, Saia Tanginoa crossing for his second off a long ball on the overlap to make the score 28-20, Matt Mundine unsuccessful with the conversion attempt.

The Ringrose crowd sprung to life after Wenty’s compressed defence forced Wests to go wide early, Nu Akeripa going on a bullocking 70 metre burst downfield, a subsequent penalty allowing Tala Mapesone to go over in the corner. Craig’s kick went wide, leaving Wenty up by four with as many minutes to play.

Wenty, though, sealed the deal, with a long ball sending Ben Fritz over, prevailing 34-24 after Mundine slotted the two pointer.

WENTWORTHVILLE 34 (Saia Tanginoa 2, Ben Fritz 2, Nicholas Walker, Josiah Tomasi, Brendan Waters tries; Brendan Waters 0 from 2, Matthew Mundine 3 from 5) defeated WESTERN SUBURBS 24 (Jack Madden, Rusty Bristow, Luke Williams, Shawn Craig, Tala Mapesone tries; Dayne Craig 2 from 3, Jack Madden 0 from 1, Vieru Mapesone 0 from 1)

Penalties: Wests 3 Wentworthville 5

Halftime: Wests 16 Wentworthville 8


25. Daniel Abou-Sleiman
2. Tala Mapasone
3. Shawn Craig
1. Sam Aiga
5. Jerome Mose
4. Nu Akeripa
7. Jack Madden
22. Sonny Bristow
9. Dayne Craig
10. Tunui Maurangi
11. Tom Morrison
13. Luke Williams
12. Rusty Bristow

6. Vieru Mapasone
8. Shane Lalogafau
18. Soni Paasi
19. Mason Talolua


1. Nicholas Walker
2. Ben Fritz
3. Cecil Mackenzie
14. Jake Butler-Fleming
5. Saia Tanginoa
16. Matthew Mundine
7. Brendan Waters
8. Takai Moeakiola
9. Lionel O’mally
20. Walter Vaeau
11. Nick Kassis
12. Fetongi Tuinauvui
13. Mitchell Stanfield

10. Justin Lemalu
15. William Bugden
19. Josiah Tomasi
23. KJ Mackenzie

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