Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rnd 19 Ron Massey Cup - Match Review

Western Suburbs consolidated their position in the top eight last Saturday with a commanding 46-16 defeat of the Kingsgrove Colts at Hurstville Oval.

Wests opened the scoring in the fourth minute, a penalty giving Wests an attacking chance, with Sam Aiga chiming in from the back to touch down in the corner to put the Magpies up 4-0 with Dayne Craig’s kick going wide.

Kingsgrove held out by holding Wests up for two consecutive tackles, and reaped rewards on their next set, a chip kick put down by Sam Aiga, with Chevy Ellis the beneficiary. Addison Demetriou added the extras, putting Kingsgrove ahead 6-4 after 15 minutes.

The Magpie pressure eventually told, with Kingsgrove overplaying their hand, with the Magpies getting a penalty for a drop-out going into touch on the full. From the tap, Tunui Maurangi forced his way over. Craig slotted the kick from point blank, with Wests reclaiming their four point lead after 28 minutes.

Kingsgrove’s defence fell apart from the restart, Veiru Mapesone going straight through on a 65 metre gallop to touch down. Craig converted from an identical spot to his previous kick, Wests taking a 16-6 lead.

Kingsgrove’s desperation in defence led to a knock on call against them, Wests taking full toll with Nu Akeripa sending Rusty Bristow into a gaping hole on the inside. Dayne Craig pulled the kick away, Wests up 20-4 with five minutes until the interval.

Wests weren’t done, though, as Nu Akeripa burst through the line to put Ronnie Palumbo over. Dayne Craig added the extras, and at halftime, Wests led 26-6.

Kingsgrove opened the second half with a couple of penalties, but their exploration with the ball came undone, Tala Mapesone nabbing an intercept and going 70 metres to touch down after a good footrace with Coleman Edmonds. Dayne Craig missed the kick, Wests ahead 30-6 eight minutes into the second stanza.

Wests nearly went in again shortly after, but Addison Demetriou picked off the kick and surged 50 metres. From the ensuing play the ball, Wests’ line was all at sea, Jayden Tavae going the distance despite a gallant chase from Soni Paasi. Demetriou couldn’t convert, Wests ahead 30-10 with half an hour remaining.

Kingsgrove were getting into a good grind, but last tackle kick found Sam Aiga, who sliced through the line with a glorious step, Rusty Bristow backing up to grab his second of the day. Craig converted from bang in front, extending the Magpies’ lead to 36-10 with 14 minutes remaining.

Kingsgrove started to look dispirited as the game ground to a halt, Mason Talolua taking advantage to bustle his way through four defenders to score. Craig converted, Wests hitting the 4-0 at 42-10 with seven minutes on the clock.

Kingsgrove weren’t going quietly, though, as John Tuivasa-Sheck created space with a good fend and raced 60 metres to score. Demetriou converted from in front to bring the margin back to 42-16 with just a few minutes on the clock.

Wests refused to let the Colts have the last word, though, Keni Gavet on the end of some hot potato football. Veiru Mapesone pulled the kick wide, Wests running out 46-16 winners.

WESTERN SUBURBS 46 (Rusty Bristow 2, Sam Aiga, Tunui Maurangi, Veiru Mapesone, Ronnie Palumbo, Tala Mapesone, Mason Talolua, Keni Gavet tries; Dayne Craig 5 from 8, Veiru Mapesone 0 from 1) defeated KINGSGROVE 16 (Chevy Ellis, Jayden Tavae, John Tuivasa-Sheck tries; Addison Demetriou 2 from 3)

Penalties: Wests 6 Kingsgrove 6

Halftime: Wests 26 Kingsgrove 6


1. Sam Aiga
2. Tala Mapasone
3. Shawn Craig
16. Ronnie Palumbo
5. Jerome Mose
4. Nu Akeripa
6. Vieru Mapasone
17. Fred Tevago
9. Dayne Craig
10. Tunui Maurangi
11. Tom Morrison
13. Rusty Bristow
8. Mason Talolua

7. Peter Ta’afusio
18. Soni Paasi
21. Dwayne Lemafa
22. Keni Gauvet


1. Dwayne Brown
23. Jayden Tavae
3. John Tuivasa Sheck
22. Chevy Ellis
5. Coleman Edmond
19. Danny Alledde
7. Abbas Miskie
8. Billy Tsikrikas
9. Rhys Norman
10. Thibaud Braconnier
15. Addison Demetriou
21. Isaac Creighton
13. Jade Ferguson

11. Pio Sofa
12. Matthew Douglas
16. Cameron Martin
18. Armin Pripuzovic

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