Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sponsor In Focus: Pioneer Services

The success of any cleaning organisation will hinge directly on its staff and ability to systematically run operations that meet customer expectations.

It is a well known fact that businesses which operate in any service industry discipline are only as good as the people the employee. Further to this fact is that a business is also inseparable from their staff and their performance.

What is learned from this well known Service Marketing principal, is that strength in the cleaning industry will come directly from its labour force. In other words the characteristics and quality of the cleaners are paramount to any successful cleaning business.

At Pioneer Services our labourforce strength is unquestioned.


Pioneer Services was founded in 2004, commencing operations in Sydney and Melbourne. Today Pioneer Services is a national commercial cleaning brand, servicing clients across the country with a variety of quality cleaning solutions.

Pioneer Service currently holds a strong portfolio of clients including prestige commercial buildings, retail complexes, health and education facilities and major industrial and public venue complexes. Our growth and continued success has been driven by our concerted customer focus brand strategy.

Pioneer Services is truly your one stop shop for commercial cleaning. In addition, our construction division also provides a number of cleaning services including post-refurbishment for all environments and builders cleans to new office blocks. 
Company Mission
Our Company Mission is our organisations compass. This mission is a clear minded mission focused on client satisfaction. We exist to serve our customers. This is our main purpose, and we constantly strive to raise the bar in giving excellent service to our clients. At Pioneer Services we are focussed on continual improvement, brand development and customer orientated system in order to take the organisation to the next level. 
Our key objective as an organisation is to deliver ongoing cleaning solutions for our customers which meets their expectations. To do this we have developed a balanced, diversified and profitable business that has inturn benefitted our customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community.

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