Monday, January 12, 2015

The Magpies Together Again As One

 Last Saturday saw our all club training session.
Having taken back control of our junior representative squads, the club came together as one for the first time in many years.
In conditions that can only be described as oppressively humid, our Harold Matthews, SG Ball, Sydney Shield and Ron Massey Cup charges were put through their paces by our coaching staff.
A big thank you to our supporters and valued sponsors, the Fanatics, for their attendance and assistance with the post match barbeque. 
Plenty of laughs were shared and the players, fans and staff all bonded as our junior reps look forward to their season commencing within the month. 
Our senior teams will kick their pre-season fixtures off in February.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the magpies ����

Anonymous said...

Go the Mighty Magpies in 2015

Andrew Stark said...

Chuck in a 20s squad and an NRL team and the world would regain it's equilibrium. Carn the Maggies!