Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Initial Sponsors

Western Suburbs Magpies would like to thank the supporters who have made possible our clubs place in the 2012 NSW Rugby League season.

Our extended gratitude is again reserved for Wests Ashfield who without their un-waivering support, we could not have possibly taken the field in the 2012 NSW Cup.

Wests Leagues Club Campbelltown, for their support of the Harrold Matthews and S.G. Ball teams.

KooGa for being our NSW Cup jersey, playing gear and merchandise supplier.

Liverpool Councils Whitlam Centre, for providing  the clubs training facilities.

Prime Physiotherapy for the care players care services.

Victoria Bitter for their financial support of the NSW Cup.

It isn't too late to join our growing list of sponsors. We are here to provide local opportunities for our local Rugby League players and we'd love you to help us in mission. If you would like to join our family please contact Daniel Watson-Hayes on

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