Monday, March 12, 2012

Magpies are Food Lovers Too

If you're a food lover, we've got the answer to spicing up every meal!
That is why thank the Food Lovers Market at Morebank for coming on board to support the Magpies in 2012.

At the Food Lover's Market, you won't just find your 'run of the mill' or generic products that you could find anywhere. We've gone the extra mile and re-invented the art of convenience shopping. Our Fresh-Cuts team produces, fresh, every morning specialty items that make The Food Lover's Market tailored to Food Lovers of every extraction. If or when you lack the time to slice each individual vegetable to prepare a meal, then we've got you covered. Those last minute thoughts of desperation, 'What can I make in five minutes?!' will no longer be desperate after visiting The Food Lover's Market. Convenience shopping at The Food Lover's Market means nothing but quality and economy. We want your cooking experience to benefit from our products, which is why our specialty items are fashioned around making the chef more efficient in every situation!

Fruit and Vegetables - The foundation of a healthy diet, and our business

While the Food Lover's Market is not just a fruit store, fruit and vegetables are the building blocks of our business. As a result, we take our quality and presentation very seriously. When walking into our store you will b

e confronted with beautiful and aesthetically designed displays which will do nothing but leave you awe-struck.
The aim

of The Food Lover's Market is to get you excited about food! If your previous experiences of food markets have left you walking out disappointed, without a spring in your step nor a smile on your face, then give The Food Lover's Market a try and let us indulge you!

Indulge in tastes from every country in the world!

Our purpose at the Food Lover's Market Delicatessen is to give you the best quality cold cut meat, cheese and general delicacies that are not only Australian made, but sought after by food lovers of every racial extraction. We've searched the globe to find the best tasting specialty products, however we haven't neglected the excellence of Australian made products.
Not only do we offer the best in delicatessen products, we will go the extra mile and cater for your function or gathering, make a platter of fresh fruit or cold meats and specialty products. To contact us and organise catering for an event or make an inquiry about a specific list of the products we have, please contact us.

"We're pleased to meet you, with meat to please you!"

We specialise in the following:
Chicken With the best quality meat, great service and fair prices we're ready and waiting to rewrite your interpretation of a visit to the butcher when you visit us.

"When you fish at Food Lover's Market, you've always caught the right fish!"

The Food Lover's Market's got all of your seafood needs covered. Let us indulge your love for fish with our fresh whole fish, succulent fillets, mouth-watering crustaceans and freshly shucked live oysters!
Seafood is a delicacy and we treat it as such, we are driven to give you the best experience when buying, preparing and eating fresh fish. We strive to provide you with friendly service, which is enriched by the atmosphere of our fresh fish displays which we know will send you home with an unending smile on your face. Our service is complimented by an ample knowledge of preparation and cooking techniques which are readily available through our take home recipes, which we hope will instil you with the skills to bring out the best flavour in each fish. We use only the freshest Australian Seafood with over 100 commercial species, sold and processed. Dealing with all aspects of the Australian coastlines, including Sydney Fish Markets.
If you're looking for a fish store to go to the extra effort for you, then look no further, no matter what your speciality is, we'll make it our own.

Contacting us is easy...

Phone: (02) 9612 9612
Address: 228 Newbridge Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170.
Trading Hours: 8am-7pm every day, seven days a week.

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