Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 AGM Summation

The Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club Ltd held its annual AGM on Saturday 31st March 2012.

On arrival, Members were presented with their Football Club Badge for 2012. The Board had received significant response and feedback from the Membership that they wanted to revert back to the Badge from Membership Card as it was more personal and meaningful.

With the new board and management coming together in only recent months, a lot of work has been done to tie up loose ends and re-establish relationships with all of the Football Club's stakeholders. Members however were presented with the opportunities to raise both criticism and praise in regards to certain issues, matters and initiatives that the Football Club has sustained and undertaken in recent times.
The major issues to be raised at the meeting surrounded the future of the Magpies in the NSW Cup Competition (the second tier to the NRL) beyond Season 2012. There was a general consensus reached that there would be a time frame and a deadline of late June-early July to establish where the Football Club would stand in relation to its participation in the NSW Cup for future seasons. Football Club Members will be advised and kept abreast of any developments or news relating to the NSW Cup beyond Season 2012.
Wests Tigers CEO Stephen Humphreys was invited and attend the meeting, where he addressed the membership providing a summary of Season 2011 as well as updating the members on the progress of Season 2012. Mr. Humphreys took questions from the audience who wanted clarity and answers regarding the perceived lack of representation that the Western Suburbs Football Club currently receives as a Joint Venture partner in the Wests Tigers Entity. Mr. Humphreys acknowledged the disappointed and frustration and along with the Board and Management of the Western Suburbs Football Club, will work towards ensuring that the Magpie heritage will continue to be promoted and preserved when such opportunities present, such as Heritage Rounds.

The Board and Management of the Football Club are aspiring to build the club from the bottom up and with the continual support of Wests Ashfield Leagues Club, will endeavour to keep the Magpies Flying well into their second century of existence. The Board also thanked its merry band of Sub Comittee members and volutneers especially those that have assisted the running and managfement of the NSW Cup Team in recent years including Steve Reeves, John Harbon, Bluey Schafer, David & Valarie McEwan, Keith Horne,
The Board and Management of the Magpies are also conscious of keeping the communication channels open and transparent with the Membership. With the tremendous work that Mr. Graeme Szynal provides to the Club through managing the Football Club's Website, Blog and social media platforms, please keep your eye out for continuous updates, news and correspondence from the Football Club.
If you would like to become a Football Club Member and have your say in the future of the Western Suburbs Magpies and Wests Tigers in Rugby League, download an Application Form today http://www.westsmagpies.com.au/home/001/php/membership.php

Kind Regards,
Daniel Watson Hayes
General Manager - Football Operations | WSDRLFC Ltd. (The Magpies) Est. 1908
0411 016 157 E: D.Watson-Hayes@westsmagpies.com.au W: www.westsmagpies.com.au

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