Saturday, March 21, 2015

Match Reports Round Two Sydney Shield and Ron Massey Cup


Hills District made it two from two for both themselves and Wests in winning 48-24 last Saturday at Campbelltown.

Hills District took less tha two minutes to register first points, James Boustani slipping a short ball to Diamond Charlie, who had too much momentum for a desperate Mason Cerruto, for a 6-0 lead courtesy of James Boustani's conversion.

Hills struck again on ten minutes, James Boustani grubbering pack to the posts and catching Wests off guard, Daniel Mahoney touching down and extending the lead to 12-0.

Things were looking grim once again for Wests, Scott Hiogan crossing after being put through a hole a mile wide and, after James Boustani's conversion, Hills were out to 18-0 after 15 minutes.

Wests registered their first points after 21 minutes, a grubber in behind the Hills line grounded inches inside the dead ball by Mason Cerruto. Blake Lazarus nailed the kick from close range, reducing Hills' lead to 12.

Wests kept probing and found more success in behind Hills' line, Blake Lazarus beating a rush to touch down and, after converting his own try, Wests were back to within six points with eight until the interval.

Wests' momentum was quickly snuffed out, Scott Hogan bursting through a whole and going around Mason Cerruto to go 50 metres and put Hills back out by 22-12.

Wests had the last say in the first stanza, though, an offload finding Mason Cerruto, who created a hole from nothing to scoot 30 metres and score under the posts to put Wests within four points at halftime, Lazarus successful with the kick.

Hills were first to register points after halftime, Edric Holmes showing too much speed for his opponents in going around and over the line. WIth a successful conversion in front by James Boustani, Hills had their ten point lead back four minutes into the second half.

Wests were struggling under a mounting penalty count against them, and Scott Hogan took advantage of a tiring defence to claim his third by twisting his way over the line for a 32-18 lead.

Wests could do nothing about the next Hills try, from the following set, as a horror bounce left Mason Cerruto stranded, James Boustani backing up on the inside for a Scott Hogan offload. Boustani converted his own try and, with 26 minutes remaining, the Bulls were charging away at 38-18.

Wests were battling a tidal wave of possession but found a whole in some gap-riddled Hills defence, Ben Mitchell crossing to make the score 38-24 with ten minutes to play.

Wests were determined to force an error, but the aggression in defence led to a lack of focus, James Boustani chipping and regathering before putting Bevan De Vries away and Hills ahead 44-24.

Hills finished off the scoring, Ashley Johnson crossing out wide for a 48-24 win.

HILLS DISTRICT 48 (Scott Hogan 3, Diamond Charlie, Daniel Mahoney, Edric Holmes, James Boustani, Bevan De Vries, Ashley Johnson tries; James Boustani 6 from 9) defeated WESTERN SUBURBS 24 (Mason Cerruto 2, Blake Lazarus, Ben Mitchell tries; Blake Lazarus 4 from 4)

Penalties: Wests 4 Hills 10

Halftime: Wests 18 Hills 22


25 Mason Cerruto       
2 Simon Simona        
3 Phillip Brombal        
21 Nathan Houigan        
5 Apaolo Tea Lama
14 Jacob Folent           
7 Blake Lazarus
20 Tunui Maurangi
9 George Azzi
10 Jake Davidson
17 Kurt Atkinson
12 Ronny Palumbo
23 Daniel Bell

15 Dane Coskerie
16 Ben Mitchell
18 Peter Nay
19 Rhys Tucker


1 Scott Hogan            
2 Ashley Johnson       
22 Edric Holmes       
4 Bevan De Vries        
23 Anthony Overton
6 Sean Mcguinnes        
7 James Boustani
8 Mick Hawkings
9 Daniel Mahoney
24 Diamond Charlie
11 David Baumann
12 Jake Lewis
13 Jake Carlaw

15 Adam Spicer
17 Chris Alavanos
19 Jordan Tongahai
25 Lupai Eni


It wasn't a memorable one, but Wests coach Nathan Waters secured his first victory in the ROn Massey Cup with a 24-14 defeat of Concord-Burwood.

Wests registered first points after 11 minutes, Dwayne Lemafa bustling all the way to the line from 15 metres out. Shannon Gallant converted for a 6-0 lead.

Ajay Vaivaka struck back for Concord after 17 minutes, burrowing over from dummy half after a repeat set. Kane Gillies locked it up at six with the conversion.

Concord hit the lead on 28 minutes, Tori Tuiletufuga stepping inside the cover defence to slam the ball down theatrically for a 10-6 lead, Gillies' kick away to the right.

The second half began with fireworks, Tom Morrison and Jordan Abouhaidar both sent to the sin bin after Morrison unloaded with several right hands.

Once play had settled down, Concord began to apply consistent pressure, and this pressure came up with points as Alofi Mataele strolled over in the corner off a long floating ball from Alex Zarounas for a 14-6 lead, Gillies hooking the conversion attempt wide.

Wests found a way to break out of the grind with a booming 40-20 from Veiru Mapesone and, from the ensuing set, Sama Sauvao stormed over from a wonderful ball, slightly held up, from Wayde Dunley. Gallant was successful with the conversion, ensuring a grandstand finish at 14-12 with 14 minutes remaining.

Wests struck again quickly, taking the lead off a seemingly innocuous kick from David Harris. Fortunately for Wests, Sam Latu spilt the ball, Harris on hand to clean up for a try and, after Gallant's kick, an 18-14 lead.

Concord went probing for an equalizer, but instead Wests sealed the match as Concord sought to jam in, spreading it right for John Sila, who stood Sam Latu up magnificently before coming around under the posts for Gallant to convert and secure a 24-14 victory.

WESTERN SUBURBS 24 (Dwayne Lemafa, Sama Sauvao, David Harris, John Sila tries; Shannon Gallant 4 from 4) defeated CONCORD-BURWOOD 14 (Ajay Vaivaka, Tori Tuiletufuga, Alofi Mataele  tries; Kane Gillies 1 from 3)

Penalties: Wests 9 Concord 9

Halftime: Wests 6 Concord 10


1 Shannon Gallant    
15 John Sila
3 Limoni Kamuta        
4 James Goring        
5 Kenny Niko
6 Vieru Mapasone        
7 Wayde Dunley
8 Chad Mcgill
9 Cheyne Pike
20 Dwyne Lemafa   
11 Sama Sauvao   
12 Tom Morrison
13 David Harris

2 Tyson Tie Tie
16 Marcel Owen
17 Jim Laulili
22 Jacob Nansen


1 Sam Latu            
2 Alofi Mataele        
3 Junior Pettyborne        
4 Kane Gillies            
5 Mitch Stevens
6 Matt Mulcahy        
7 Alex Zarounas
8 Soni Paasi
9 Ajay Vaivaka
10 Inoke Vunipola
11 Tori Tuiletufuga
12 Joe Flint
13 Daniel Fepuleai

15 Mitch Devine
18 Jordan Abouhaidar
19 Evan Lee
25 Jackson Garlick

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