Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Team Lists: Round 6 Junior Reps, Round 2 RMC/Sydney Shield

his weekend your junior Magpies will face the Western Sydney Academy in a match which could determine the possibility of a top four finish in the Harold Matts, and any finals footy at all for our SG Ball boys. Kick off for the Harold Matts is at 9:30am and the Ball will start at 11am, with both games being played at patrician Brothers College Blacktown, located at 100 Flushcombe Road.
Meanwhile, at Campbelltown, your senior Magpies will be looking to atone for a couple of rusty performances in round one. At 1:30pm, our Sydney Shield guys will face off against the Hills District Bulls and at 3pm, Concord-Burwood will shape up against our Ron Massey Cup team. There's time to get to both grounds Magpie fans, so let's hear you loud and proud this weekend!

1 James Tautailalefua
2 Billy Omerod
3 Sam Rembridge
4 Nathan Patolo
5 Maurice Faaae
6 Gus Garzaniti
7 Ailand Davis-Pihema
8 Hyrum William-Pulotu
9 Rimo Inu
10 Lachlan Russell
11 Alex Potifara
12 Ben Seufale
13 Roy Satchi-Brown
14 Christian Urso
15 Henry Lealuga-Puhotau
16 Lucas Castle
17 Jonathan Talamaivao
20 Denzel Tavui
COACH Anthony Moore

1 Jamen Johnson
2 Joseph Faalavaau
3 Toa Mata’afa
4 Harrison Coskerie
5 Jye Brooker
6 Hosea Leuea
7 Netane Masima
8 Taniela Paseka
9 Ryan Leet
10 Evander Titie-Anetelea
11 PJ Leifi
12 Ray Stone
13 Elijah Mannah
14 Jake Scott
16 Cody Benson
17 Tala Mauigoa
18 Lenny Suani
19 Julius Taavao
COACH Josh White

1 Sione Alofi
2 Simon Simona
3 Phillip Brombal
4 Nathan Houigan
5 Apaolo Tea Lama
6 Damian Doan
7 Blake Lazarus
8 Tunui Maurangi
9 George Azzi
10 Jake Davidson
11 Jim Laulilii
12 Ronny Palumbo
13 Hayden Johnston
15 Dane Coskerie
16 Ben Mitchell
19 Rhys Tucker
22 Daniel Bell
COACH Daniel Beardshaw

1 Shannon Gallant
2 Tyson Tie Tie
3 Limoni Kamuta
4 James Goring
5 Kenny Niko
6 Vieru Mapasone
7 Wayde Dunley
8 Chad McGill
9 Cheyne Pike
10 Ben Stevens
11 Sama Sauvao
12 Tom Morrison
13 David Harris
14 Jacob Folent
16 Marcel Owen
20 Dwayne Lemafa
22 Jacob Nansen
COACH Nathan Waters

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