Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Iiiiiiiiiiit’s finals time!!! Yes, the junior rep regular season is finished for 2015, and we have a black and white casualty unfortunately. Our SG Ball team came up with three wins this season, which wasn’t enough to see them through to the finals. However, our Harold Matts boys are storming ahead, finishing in fourth position. This weekend, at Pepper Stadium (Or Penrith Park, for those of us who remember a time when it was Lang Park, Shark Park and the SFS), your Allied Express Magpies will face Parramatta in the first qualifying final at 1pm. The winner goes straight through to the Grand Final Qualifier, and gets a week off, while the loser backs up in a sudden death match next week.
With our senior Magpies having a week off courtesy of the split round, only one Magpie team will fly this weekend, so get out to Penrith on Saturday to see the boys have a sushi lunch of diced eel!

1 James Tautaiolefua
2 Billy Omerod
3 Roy Satchi Brown
4 Nathan Patolo
5 Bob Faamita
6 Gus Garzaniti
7 Ailand Davis-Pihema
8 Jonothan Talamaivao
9 Christian Urso
10 Lachlan Russell
11 Alex Potifara
12 Henry Lealuga-Puhotau
13 Ben Seufale
14 Rua Ngati
15 Zane Rifai
16 Lucas Castle
17 Hyrum William-Pulotu
18 Rimo Inu
19 Maurice Faaae
20 Denzel Tavui
21 Ryan Wessel
22 Sam Rembridge
23 Lachlan Natapu
24 Jack Highgate
COACH Anthony Moore

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