Saturday, October 1, 2011

NSW Cup Team of the Year 2011

The NSW Cup team of 2011 has been announced and it includes local Campbelltown junior David Harris in the second row.

Also an "honourable mention" went to Gus Aiga as one of the wingers and former magpies Nathan Waters as half back and Dean Collis as centre ( note that all are Campbelltown juniors)

Former magpie junior Ben Roberts was five-eighth of the year ( geez, how many local juniors is that, I'm loosing count ).

Finally for coach, Leo Epifania got the "dead-set unlucky" award behind the winner, Richie Blackmore

Below is what was said about David Harris

"Harris is a workhorse and with no disrespect meant to the Western Suburbs Magpies club, I would be confident in saying that if he were playing for a club in the top four that he would be much better known. "



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