Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Final 2014 Appearance at Lidcombe!

There comes a time in your life, where you can relive those glory days of your youth, those simpler times, where you couldn’t spell mortgage, the rent was the older person who fed you and bossed you around and you only knew of being couped up from 9am until 3pm when the bell rang.

This weekend is that time!

Next Saturday, June 7th. at Lidcombe Oval is an opportunity for Western Suburbs Players... past and present...to rub shoulders with Supporters and recall the Club's glory days on the great ground.

Noel Kelly will lead a host of former Magpie Greats!

It's a 'lunchtime event', with pre-match activity from noon, with the Ron Massey Cup kick-off at 1pm, plus the opportunity for everyone to mingle post match.

Current Coach, Leo Epifania, who played fullback for Wests at Lidcombe during the 1980s, has his team firing well in the top six and the clash with equally placed Asquith may well provide a turning point for the season.

The 'Back to Lidcombe' Day is proudly sponsored by Wests Leagues Ashfield, with all proceeds for local junior rugby league.

Tickets are $5 for adults, with kids admitted free! There’s no reason for YOU not to get out to Lidcombe this weekend and relive your childhood while also cheering on the new generation of Western Suburbs Magpies to victory!!!

1 Sam Aiga
2 Tom Satterthwaite
3 Rusty Bristow
4 Nu Akeripa
5 Brenton Cowan
16 Trent Jennings
7 Andrew Sultana
8 Jarrad Szczudlo
9 Dayne Craig
10 Tunui Maurangi
11 Mason Taloula
12 Shane Lalogafau
13 Sonny Bristow

15 Ronnie Palumbo
17 Luke Williams
19 Fred Tevago
20 Francis Laulu
COACH: Leo Epifania

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