Thursday, April 3, 2014

Player In Focus: Tala Mapesone

Our third player profile for 2014 sees us catch up with winger Tala Mapesone, who is forming a fearsome wing pairing with Junior Vaivai.

Position: Fullback, Centre or Wing

Height: 198cm

Weight: 97kg

Date of Birth: 5 April, 1990

Which NRL team did you follow as a kid? Canterbury

Which junior club did you play for? Eagle Vale-St Andrews

Earliest footballing memory? I scored 5 tries in order to get McDonalds!

Advice for young players: Believe you can, and back your ability

Which sport would you play if not rugby league? Rugby Union or Volleyball

What is the best advice you have received? Stay strong

What was your first job? Model! No no, I was a storeman

Which three people would you invite to dinner? Michael Jordan, Kevin Hart and The Rock

Greatest fear? Losing someone close to me

What's the worst thing on your Ipod? Teletubbies songs (I think we have a winner!)

Most embarrassing moment? I was celebrating a try before I had actually put the ball down, and someone came and punched the ball out before I grounded it...

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