Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rnd 6 - Ron Massey Cup - Match Review

Western Suburbs served the coldest of revenge dishes up at a wet Leichhardt Oval last Sunday, handing defending champs Wentworthville their first loss of 2014 with a 42-10 thumping.

Wentworthville began the game full of enterprise, their first set seeing a chip from inside their own half on the last tackle, with only Trent Jennings rushing back preventing a surprise raid from Wenty bearing fruit.

Wests’ first good chance came after 12 minutes, when Saia Tanginoa was bent back awkwardly in a tackle, the ball spilling loose. However, despite much enterprise, the last tackle kick was killed by Wenty, just half a metre from their own line.

The weather took its toll as both sides exchanged handling errors and Wests almost made enty pay after 16 minutes, a grubber from Michael Stevens desperately batted dead.From the ensuing drop out, Wests set up to go both sides and a left side raid seemed dead until Shane Lalogafau offloaded to Junior Vaivai, the ball going on to Jerome Mose to touch down. Dayne Craig nailed the touchline conversion for a 21st minute lead of 6-0 to Wests.

Back to back penalties from the kick off to Wests piggybacked them into Wenty’s end, with a series of hitups denting Wentworthville’s line, Andy Fiagatusa busting over to score adjacent to the uprights. Dayne Craig had no problems with the kick, Wests ahead 12-0.

Wests continued to show attacking flair and almost touched down again in the 26th minute, Wentworthville choosing to concede a penalty rather than let the ball fly. From the ensuing penalty, a right side spread was snuffed out before Andrew Sultana fired the ball across the face, Dayne Craig bursting onto it to notch his third of the year, before converting his own try. Suddenly, Wests held an 18-0 lead, which they took through the final ten minutes into halftime.

Wentworthville needed to score first in the second stanza, and they weren’t up to the task, as Wests continued to play a exploratory brand of football not suited to the conditions, a last tackle kick from Dayne Craig playing pinball before Michael Stevens planted it. Dayne Craig split the uprights and Wenty faced an Everest like task, Wests leading 24-0 just six minutes into the second half.

Wenty’s hands just couldn’t take a trick, a last tackle kick from Michael Stevens being put to ground, Inno Innoesio toeing the ball through to touch down with ten minutes gone in the second. Dayne Craig finally proved human, pushing the kick wide, leaving the 28-0 advantage intact with half an hour to play.

Wentworthville finally fought fire with fire, giving the ball some air and nearly found success down the left side, but Joe Metapuku dropped the ball over the line in a strong tackle in attempting to ground it. Wests won a penalty on the ensuing set and worked downfield quickly, Dayne Craig popping out of dummy half and showing great strength to score from ten metres out, his kick successful for a 34-0 lead with 22 minutes to go.

Despite the conditions, expansive football was working and Wentworthville finally found their way over the, Ben Fritz on the end of a scrum move. Henry Raiwalui’s conversion successful, Wests led 34-6 with twelve minutes remaining.

Wenty started falling off tackles and Shane Lalogafau took advantage to break through, Wentworthville conceding the penalty. Dayne Craig took the two and Wests extended their lead to 30.

From the kick-off, Wests worked downfield and Ronnie Palumbo muscled his way in out wide, Craig’s conversion successful, Wests broke 40 with six minutes left.

Failing to complete their set from the kick-off, Wests handed possession back to Wentworthville, Patrick Maetele going through some tiring defence on the right side. Henry Raiwalui pushed the kick wide, Wests holding their 42-10 through to the end.

WESTERN SUBURBS 42 (Dayne Craig 2, Jerome Mose, Andy Fiagatusa, Michael Stevens, Inno Innoesio, Ronnie Palumbo tries; Dayne Craig 7 from 8) def WENTWORTHVILLE 10 (Ben Fritz, Patrick Mataele tries; Henry Raiwalui 1 from 2)

Penalties: Wests 7 Wentworthville 6

Halftime: Wests 18 Wentworthville 0

Western Suburbs

1. Sam Aiga

15. Trent Jennings

4. Junior Vaivai

11. Nu Akeripa

5. Jerome Mose

6. Andrew Sultana

7. Michael Stevens

10. Soni Paasi

9. Dayne Craig

12. Shane Lalogafau

3. Rusty Bristow

16. Inno Innoesio

20. Andy Fiagatusa

8. Jarrad Szczudlo

17. Andrew Vela

19. Fred Tevago

22. Ronnie Palumbo


14. Blake Cook

21. Ben Fritz

20. Patrick Mataele

4. Daniel Barakat

5. Saia Tanginoa

6. Henry Raiwalui

7. Brendan Waters

17. Walter Vaeau

9. Sam Gorman

10. Nathan Armit

11. Solomone Lasalu

12. Valu Nasio

13. Joe Metapuku

15. Chris Chalmers

16. Nick Kassis

19. Toby Evans

22. Mitch Stanfield

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