Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rnd 5 - Ron Massey Cup - Team List

Sadly, both our SG Ball and Harold Matthews teams were unable to crash their way into the top eight this season. Our heartfelt congratulations to the boys and their coaching staff, supporters and parents for their efforts in flying the Magpie flag in 2014!

On other topics, what are you doing Easter Sunday? Did you know that Easter is symbolised by some cultures by an egg? Did you also know that the last time Wests played Asquith, we handed Asquith an egg on the scoreboard? Yeah, it's a bit roundabout, but we had to find a segue somehow!

Anyway, what better way to spend Easter Sunday with the family than by travelling north and seeing Wests go around in search of an elusive egg yet again?

Make sure you get up to Storey Park on Sunday at 3pm as the boys make sure the only black and white feathers flying around are of the northern Sydney variety!

1. Daniel Abou Slieman
2. Tala Mapasone
3. Sam Aiga
4. Junior Vai Vai
5. Jerome Mose
6. Andrew Sultana
7. Micheal Stevens
8. Tunui Maurangi
9. Dayne Craig
10. Soni Paasi
11. Nu Akeripa
12. Shane Lalogafau
13. Rusty Bristow

17. Francis Laulu
19. Fred Tevago
20. Jarrad Szcudlo
21. Ronnie Palumbo
COACH: Leo Epifania

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