Monday, April 7, 2014

Rnd 3 - Ron Massey Cup - Match Review

Western Suburbs went down 12-10 to Guildford in a game played in incredibly difficult conditions at McCredie Park last Sunday.

Grey skies opened up before kick-off, ensuring a grinding game dominated by conservative football.

Western Suburbs opened the scoring after thirteen error and penalty riddled minutes, as a series of long passes saw Rusty Bristow power his way over. Dayne Craig pulled the conversion attempt wide, leaving the Magpies up 4-0.

Guildford had a great chance to equalise five minutes later, but rather than put the ball through the hands, the Owls kicked on the second tackle, Jerome Mose on hand to clean up.

Wests added their second after 24 minutes after a Guildford error, as Shane Lalogafau juggled his way over the line for a 10-0 lead, Dayne Craig successful with the kick.

The next decent scoring chance of the first half fell to Wests, as a series of Guildford errors gave the black and whites good field position. However, the Owls marker defence held firm as Soni Paasi attempted to burrow his way over on the last tackle, just a metre from the Guildford line.

Guildford capitalised on an intercept by earning an offside penalty, and a patient buildup saw William Butler step his way over the line. The conversion attempt from the touchline proved anything but difficult from Jason Gray, the kick successful right on the buzzer, Wests heading to the sheds up 10-6.

Guildford attacked early in the second half only to see their pass knocked down by Wests, however the Magpies failed to clean up their error, Guildford sending the ball through several hands until Mark Daoud stepped his way over to score next to the posts, with Jason Gray putting Guildford ahead 12-10.

Wests almost found their way through themselves ten minutes into the second half, with Michael Stevens putting a banana kick in for Daniel Abou-Sleiman, however Jarrod Clark was back to clean up for the home side.

A Guildford error in their own red zone gave Wests another great chance on 58 minutes, but the Magpies passing movement found its way into touch. Five minutes later another Wests attacking chance was snuffed out by strong Owls defence, as Jason Gray toed the ball forward to halfway.

Both sides looked to the skies to get across the line, but Guildford’s bomb travelled dead, while Wests were unable to offload after marking their own kick.

A Magpies backline move allowed Junior Vaivai to toe the ball through, forcing a knock-on from Jason Gray. The Magpies forced a drop-out from the ensuing set, setting up a grandstand finish with 70 seconds on the clock, however the Magpies were unable to capitalise, Guildford shutting Wests out in the second half.

Tunui Maurangi, Nu Akeripa and Shane Lalogafau led the way for Wests, while Guildford’s best included Mark Daoud and the Ellis brothers.

GUILDFORD 12 (William Butler, Mark Daoud tries; Jason Gray 2 from 2) def WESTERN SUBURBS 10 (Rusty Bristow, Shane Lalogafau tries; Dayne Craig 1 from 2)

Penalties: Wests 6 Guildford 7

Halftime: Wests 10 Guildford 6

Western Suburbs

1. Daniel Abou-Sleiman
2. Tala Mapesone
15. Sam Aiga
4. Junior Vaivai
5. Jerome Mose
6. Jack Madden
7. Michael Stevens
13. Tunui Maurangi
9. Dayne Craig
10. Soni Paasi
11. Nu Akeripa
12. Shane Lalogafau
3. Rusty Bristow

8. Elimileki Taumalolo
14. David Atuau
16. Ronnie Palumbo
18. Dwayne Lemafa


1. Jason Gray
2. Leva Li
3. Harmony Hunt
4. William Butler
5. Suliasi Suli
6. Mark Daoud
7. Sean McGuiness
8. Paul Tuigamala
9. Ben Ellis
10. Casey Ellis
11. Dylan McKeown
12. Chris Saab
13. Luke Fahey

14. Nayven Taouk
15. Jack Cahill
16. Lachlan Roe
18. Jarrod Clark

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